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Nashville Songwriter Sessions

by: Guy Gilchrist

Album Artwork

A staple of the annual Angelus benefits in Tampa, Florida, Guy Gilchrist is best known as the professional cartoonist responsible for the legendary “Nancy and Sluggo” cartoon strip. He was also chosen by the late Jim Hinson to create the “Muppets” comic strip. Guy is a major friend of Angelus, and can be seen on any day during the event signing autographs and drawing cartoons for all who want one. He can also be found singing backup with Charlie, Marshall Tucker, or yours truly on any given jam night.

It wasn’t until this past year that I learned of Guy’s second career, that of a performing singer/songwriter.

Gilchrist has recorded a very good five-song EP of his material with some of Nashville’s finest musicians, including long time Charlie Daniels guitarist Tommy Crain.

“Heart of the Night” is a well-crafted, up-tempo pop song that would fare well with any of today’s young country acts. To me, it’s reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen, if Bruce went country,

“I Don’t Need You” would have been right at home on a Johnny Cash record. Matter of fact, Gilchrist name drops the man in black within the lyrics of this ultimate “kiss off” tune.

“Hoppy, The Ranger and Roy” is Guy’s excellent tribute to his childhood heroes, Hopalong Cassidy, The Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers. Gilchrist sings straight from the heart about being a little boy with “a head full of big western dreams.” It’s something most of the guys from our generation can really relate to.

“Lookin’ for Me” flows with an almost Roy Orbison feel. It’s a song about going inward and seeking to find one’s true self, while simultaneously looking for love. Just an excellent song.

“House of Gray” is a great story song, heavy on descriptive lyrics and melody. It paints a picture in your mind so clearly you feel like you are standing just outside that old gray house that held so many memories.

I know there are several big name stars already looking at Guy’s songs, and that’s a good thing. It is quite obvious when you hear his music that Gilchrist may soon have to evenly divide his time between drawing and writing. Talk about talent. Graet writing, great music. I’m ready for a full length album.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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Guy Gilchrist says...

Thanks, Freddy.........your friendship is a blessing to me and all who know you. Mrs. Yost, I am a big fan of your husband, and his music. It was very influencial in my upbringing and love of music. it was an honor to have been asked to participate in the benefit for your truly gifted, and well remembered husband, Dennis. Thank you for your kind words. If you will send me your address through myspace or facebook I will send you an album. God bless you Guy

det1013 says...

Mike, Great piece about Guy GilChrist. I have had the HONOR of know Guy for over 15 Years. He is always giving of his self to the Angelus. I have been bless to be able to help out Charlie Daniels with his yearly concert to benefit the Angelus. Proud to say Guy is my FRIEND. God Bless Freddy Mack

lvyost says...

PS After reading so much about favorite "Southern Rock" groups, I just wanted to remind readers that Dennis and The Classics IV were given the honors of the beginners of the"Soft Southern Rock"sound.Greg Allman was quoted in Rolling Stone that Dennis was the most influential person during their band's early years, and Brian Wilson was quoted that "Spooky" by Dennis Yost and The Classics IV was his favorite song. (And Leslie Hawkins, back up singer for Lynrd Skynrd was my maid of honor, if that matters)Dennis and Leslie (he called her Lester, healed together. Her after the plane crash and him after throat surgery that left him with a paralyzed vocal chord.)

lvyost says...

First of all I want to give you a long overdue,heartfelt THANK YOU for the wonderful Nancy cartoon you wrote for my husband Dennis Yost for a benefit last year.I will always treasure it as one of my most prized posessions.The benefit was to raise funds for Dennis' recovery from a brain trauma.He was well enough to also treasure the laugh and treasure the cartoon.Unfortunately, he passed away December 7,2008.I just wanted to say that if you sing as well as you create Nancy, you are a gift from God.Thank you for giving the world so much laughter and joy. God Bless your new endevor, Mrs. Dennis (Linda) Yost

Guy Gilchrist says...

Thank you from the swampy, rockabilly bottom of my heart. Guy

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