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My Life's Been a Country Song

by: Chris Cagle

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With this, his fourth release, Chris Cagle kicks things up a couple of notches, with a blend of country, rock and blues that slides very nicely nto your music collection right in between your Southern Rock classics and your Outlaw Country discs. The thing I love most about Cagle is his confidence. He knows exactly who he is and doesn’t try to be something he isn’t. And why should he? With My Life's Been a Country Song, Cagle has made his way to the very top of the country charts, and he seems to like it there.

The title track, "My Life's Been a Country Song,” is a personal favorite, and has earned a place on the old iPod.  "Little Sundress" is a great one too, very reminicent of Kenny Chesney, with Cagle admiring a young lady's apparel selection, "golden Tropicana tan" and reggae dance moves. Ah, young men and their wandering eyes. A great country record.

-Michael Buffalo Smith


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Rhonda says...

Chris Praying for you.............. "Thank you for listening and writing about your life being a country song........ God is elevating you to a higher place....... I pray you can give Him the glory..... We were best friends........ If enough people pray then possibly you can understand that when someone cares for you... and loves Jesus then please don't make fun of them or their witness......... I miss the Chris Cagle that loves God... I pray that God protects you ... Pray for my protection as i am singing for the Lord.. Its an awesome album and i hope it helps lots of people.. I pray you understand that when i gave you the Bible and study guides it was to help your relationship with the Lord.. Please never make fun of Christians.. We have each other and we have to lift each other up and the devil wants to destroy believers. I was really excited to see you in Myrtle Beach and i was surprised to see that you were upset over me trying to be your best friend and pray and care for you. I just wish we could talk ...i pray God opens that door because i believe you would understand. I do believe you love God.. and don't mean to hurt fans. I pray you are safe........ God Bless you........ Your friend in Him, Rhonda Rivera

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