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Motion To Rejoin

by: Brightblack Morning Light

Album Artwork

Motion To Rejoin
Brightblack Morning Light
Matador Records
By James Calemine

Alabama natives Rachel Hughes and Nathan Shineywater began playing music together as kids. Shineywater (guitars) and Hughes (Fender Rhodes) released their debut full-length album in 2006. The duo moved out west a few years ago. The group's new CD, Motion To Rejoin, sounds similar to the debut with the trademark hypnotic thread of low-key, laid back songs.

The CD sounds like one constant mood song. They live in a tent during the warm months of the year. Motion To Rejoin was recorded with 4 solar panels which dictates the time of day recordings can be made. The group's close-to-the-soil aesthetic comes through in these tranquil compositions.

Brightblack Morning Light carries a southern mentality when making music. Shineywater recently revealed their theory on southern music: "We feel like Southern music should be played by Southern people and don't dig it when other folks imitate accents. Posturing is a disease, awaken the inner Self! We both grew up in Alabama, yet we both left for the same reason, the environmental degradation due to corporate development is staggering and unchecked, it makes us disgusted. However, in the Western USA we are gathered with the many folks to protect wilderness, rivers & oceans. Ecology has a place in the West's culture, even if it's on a small scale right now."

A gospel organ "Introduction" sets the tone for this medicinal music collection. "Hologram Buffalo" continues the heavy-lidded mood of the first CD. These mantra songs evoke a soothing effect. "Gathered Years" contains Shineywater's slow blues guitar licks weaved between Hughes' telepathic organ keys. "Opressions Each" evokes a hallucinatory gospel-soul song that seems to calm raw nerve-endings.

"Another Reclaimation" could play as a sleep music soundtrack...a quiet, liquid meloncholy that could serve as a vehicle to close one's eyes and dream. "A Rainbow Aims" continues the underwater musical landscape...a sweet tonic for the soul. "Summer Hoof", "Past A Weatherbeaten Post" and "When Beads Spell Powerlead" fuse together into one long dream song. In it's own way, Motion To Rejoin serves as a Sunday morning church service. Two bonus tracks--depending on the version of the CD you own--"Elbow Spangled" and "I" prove interesting additions. "Elbow Spangles" still sounds like all their previous material, but this song contains a more upbeat flow, and without lyrics it serves as a well-placed composition at the end of the CD. "I" drifts so far out into the constellations with the primal instrumentation one believes these songs carry some divine message.

There's no one out there today making music that sounds like Motion To Rejoin, so do yourself a favor and check it out.

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