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Love on the Inside (Deluxe Fan Edition)

by: Sugarland

Album Artwork

(Mercury Nashville)

I have really enjoyed watching Sugarland’s rocket ride to the top of the country charts over the past few years. Like so many others, I was hooked from the very first time I saw Jennifer Nettles smiling and singing “Baby Girl” on video.

Every record Sugarland releases just gets better as country's hottest duo continue their rise in fame. Their previous two albums, Twice The Speed Of Life and Enjoy The Ride were just the beginning. Love On The Inside actually eclipses both of those records, hard as it may be to believe.

Together, Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles have a real chemistry that borders on magic. They seem to put everything they have into the songwriting, the performing and recording, and even the production and packaging. One thing I always love is their album covers, and this one is no exception. A very sixties pop art design that just grabs you.

Artwork aside, Jennifer has to be one of the mst unique voices in all of music today. Like a few others before her, you can easily identify her minutes into a song. Her honest, down home twang is unmistakable. It's a Southern as a magnolia and just as beautiful.

This record starts out with their first single, already a huge radio hit. "All I Want To Do" is very different from anything they have recorded before, and to be honest, I was kind of turned off by it at first. Hey, I was the same way with both Dylan and Springsteen, so...

After a few listens, I was into it. A fun song about blowing off the day and just being with the one you love. A dream many of us have from time to time.

"Joey" is a stand out tune. The song was co-written by Sugarland and Country Music Hall of Famer, Bill Anderson. It's an extremely catchy tune. “Steve Earle” is pretty cool as well, as Jennifer celebrates to life (and many wives) of the great Americana artist, while begging for him to write her a song.

"Already Gone" may be my favorite song on the record, with a soaring melody and lyrics that reflect life, love and heartbreak, and “Keep You” is a beautiful ballad featuring Jennifer’s flawless vocals. Along the same line is “Very Last Country Song,” a deeply introspective and beautiful acoustic tune, and another one of my favorite cuts.

Another tune that can only be heard on the Deluxe version is "Come And Get Higher," written by Matt Nathanson and performed live. Great acoustic guitar from Bush, excellent lyrics and a great vocal from Nettles.

There are five extra songs on the Deluxe Fan Edition, as well as a music video of “All I Wanna Do.” Also notable is the live "Life In A Northern Town" featuring Little Big Town and Jake Owen performing with Sugarland. It’s an amazing track.

A truly great album, I highly recommend the Deluxe Edition, as you won’t want to miss out on these bonus tracks. All I wanna do is listen to Sugarland.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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Kathy says...

I got this cd recently and I have to agree with you. It is even better than Enjoy the Ride. I love it!! I think my two favorites on the album are. "Fall into Me" and "It Happens". Fall into Me is just a really great and beautiful song. It showcases what a beautiful voice Jennifer has and is just so full of real emotion. Can't stop listening to it. And It Happens is just a really fun, catchy song. I really think that the song writing team of Nettles and Bush is destined to be one of the great song writing teams of all time. Right up there with Lennon and McCartney. If you get the album make sure to get the dexlux edition. The bonus songs and material are so worth it!

tuckerhead says...

Yep. I am in love with Jennifer. She is the bomb.

zoie69 says...

I love this singer. She is by fav my favorite female vocalist. Nice review.

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