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Long Way from Moving On

by: Jackson Rohm

Album Artwork


The first time I ever heard of Jackson Rohm was by way of my New York friends Rick and Joann Pierce. They have been telling me about him for some time now, and I finally took the time to dig into his new CD Long Way from Moving On. This was after I watched a DVD Rick sent me from last year. The video was shot in Joann’s hospital room just days before she passed away, and Jackson Rohm came to visit with a guitar and played a private concert right there in her room. It was one of the most touching things I have ever seen.

And then Rick sent me Jackson’s new CD.

This guy is about a skinny minute away from being the next Nashville superstar. He has the sound, the look and the songs. His latest album kicks off in fifth gear with “The Old Me,” before moving into the title track, a song destined to be a hit.

Rohm has an infectious style, his vocals are easy on the ear, and backed by smooth acoustic guitar, pedal steel and the whole nine yards, he is as good as any young vocalist in the CMT Top Ten.

“Blow Off The Afternoon” is a rocker and the perfect weekend anthem. I love that one. And “Christine” is another great rocker all about a guy chasing his dream girl through the years and never giving up.

Speaking of love, “First One You Love” name drops Asheville and Atlanta in one of the most beautiful tunes I have heard in a while. Yes, this song is going into my own personal iPod. What a tear jerker. A great song.

There are hints of James Taylor in Jackson’s voice, but there are also hints of a thousand other great singers and songwriters he has covered as he made his way up the ladder toward fame. With this CD, Jackson Rohm proves without a doubt that he deserves to be at the very top of that ladder, and for a very long time.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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