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Live/Agora Ballroom - Cleveland, Ohio May 13, 1990

by: Kentucky Headhunters

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The Kentucky Headhunters have always been a Southern rock band to me. Yeah, I know they have scored a slew of country hits, but them fellas have got the Southern rock spirit.

In past interviews with GRITZ, both Greg Martin and Richard Young expounded on their love of The Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker and Eddie Hinton. And all of those influence manifest themselves in the music of these rockers from the bluegrass state.

If you doubt what I am telling you, just give a listen to this classic concert from 1990, available now for the first time, their long awaited first ever live release. Dig the Southern rock sound of “:Wishing Well” and their 90 mph version of “Crossroads.” Talk about kick ass.

And then there are the hits. “Dumas Walker” and “Walk Softly On This Heart of Mine” were both sounding mighty fine on this night. And remember the song “Rock and Roll Angel” from the movie Pulp Fiction? The Headhunters do a fine cover here.

It’s a smokin’ show beginning to end, from “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” to “Honky Tonk Blues” to “She’s About a Mover.” And then there’s their seriously rocking take on Hank Williams’ “Oh Lonesome Me.”

And the encore just blew me away.  The boys kick it up with a cover of “Spirit in the Sky.” What a great way to end a show. And what a show it is. Turn it up to eleven.

-Michael Buffalo Smith


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rebyll says...

I believe I'm gonna have to add this to my Christmas wish list.......

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