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Live & Lost

by: Copperhead

Album Artwork

Live & Lost


According to the liner notes, this is “the last chapter from this storied band from Lake James, NC.” I don’t know their current status but on this disc, they kick some serious ass! Copperhead seems to have been vocalist Neil Carswell’s band but it is definitely a band effort. Guitarist Jon Byrd is featured prominently and contributes some very nice work on the re-working of Doby Gray’s “Drift Away”. Southern Rock legend Tom Dowd helped arrange a third of the songs on the CD which features live and studio cuts. Carswell’s voice is powerful with a better than average range and the band has a great live energy even on the studio cuts. I would call it old-school metal with a southern attitude. The live versions of “Whiskey” and “Born Loser” stand out and their version of “Drift Away” certainly should have been the one to get the air play rather than that other fella’s…Check out their website at www.copperhead.info

-Jimmy Williams

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