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Little Piece Of Dixie

by: Blackberry Smoke

Album Artwork

(Southern Ground)

This Atlanta, Georgia, band deserves recognition. Their second CD, Little Piece of Dixie, captures their song-crafted, hard-rocking sound. The band’s southern influences remain in their music, but they aren’t a nostalgia act. Blackberry Smoke emerges as a road-tested gang of rockers. They’ve recently shared the stage with ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Shooter Jennings and even an upcoming Nashville gig with the Athens, Georgia, outlaws Bloodkin.

The band, Starr (on vocals/guitar), Richard Turner (bass/vocals), Brit Turner (drums), Paul Jackson (guitar/vocals) and Brandon Still (keys) streamlined their hard-edged sound on this collection of songs. “Good One Comin’ On” opens the CD with a workingman’s weekend ethic. The lyrics on “Like I Am” contain an essential message: “I’m mean as gravel/I’m poor as dirt”, but the chorus hooks you into the lovable side of any outlaw.

“Bottom of This” casts a backwater swamp sonic landscape, whereas “Up In Some” and “Sanctified Woman” chug down the country-rock track. “Who Invented The Wheel” serves as one of the album’s strongest tracks and indicates the group’s potential staying power. “I’d Be Lyin’” ranks as another strong tune, with notable guitar licks. “Prayer For The Little Man”, an acoustic-laced composition that resonates on an ‘everyday people’ level.

“Restless” might make Hank Williams Jr., proud of these fellers. The final cut, “Freedom Song”, like the rest of Little Piece of Dixie, aims for the heart of hardworking folk across the country in this savage day and economic age. Keep an ear out for these Blackberry Smoke. They’ve come a long way since their subterranean bar gigs in Atlanta.  

James Calemine


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mikeyTHB says...

If some is good and more is better,then too much is just right! Dynamite lyrics and explosive riffs blast this one way beyond anything I've ever heard before! The chemistry between these guys results in a level of intensity that has to be heard to be believed...a "must-have" in my humble opinion! "Up In Smoke" is my personal favorite here, and I do believe Mr. Starr is the modern-day reincarnation of Ronnie Van Zant...I say that with the utmost of respect!

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