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Kingdom of XII

by: Molly Hatchet

Album Artwork

Kingdom of  XII
Molly Hatchet

(Sanctuary) 2000

Kingdom of  XII is a true Molly Hatchet classic, beginning with the Vietnam veteran tribute "Heart Of The USA", and including the outlaw anthem "One Last Ride," the Harley-Davidson driving "Kickstart To Freedom," and many more. Personally, I found the whole record to be a winner, with Phil McCormack’s vocals sounding just enough like Danny Joe Brown to keep that Hatchet sound, but just enough like Phil to separate the two singers.

“Cornbread Mafia” is an awesome Hatchet tune, and the Volunteer Jam song “Gypsy Trail” rocks well with guest Charlie Daniels on fiddle.

“Angel in Dixie” is a great acoustic-based tune, and the Hatchet boys open up a can of you know what on their version of The Stones’ “Tumbling Dice.”

There is also a retelling of “Edge of Sundown,” a song band leader Bobby Ingram first played on the Danny Joe Brown solo album. The so called "new" Molly Hatchet continues to prove themselves worthy to carry on the name. More than worthy, actually.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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