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I'll Be Young Once Too

by: Mudcat

Album Artwork

I’ll Be Young Once Too serves as a mighty fine musical lubricant…

Danny “Mudcat” Dudeck recorded and mixed this new release, his fifth, in three days during August 2004 at Cabbagetown Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. An inveterate road hog, these songs will transfer well in Mudcat’s live repertoire.

Mudcat serves on the board of directors for Music Maker Relief Foundation. Music Maker is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting poor southern musicians with food, shelter, medical assistance, instrument acquisition, and tour support. This release represents another classic volume in the indelible Music Maker catalogue.

Band members on this CD include: Lil’ Joe Burton (trombone), Eskil Wetterqvist (drums, vocals), Snave Bass (flute/vocals), and former lead singer Lori Beth Edgeman provides vocals on one song. This CD ranks as Mudcat’s finest work. Seven of these fourteen songs are original compositions; the other half include cover songs of Blind Willie McTell, Son House, Neal Pattman, Brownie McGee, John Brim, and Joe Calicutt.

The title track reveals evidence of Mudcat’s ability to employ various jazz, country, and blues styles into one sonic gumbo. “Liquor and Sin” sounds like a timeless road song blaring out of some dive near Bourbon Street. Mudcat sings, “Liquor and sin/I don’t ever want to be sober again.”

“The Wind” sways between jazz and blues, featuring Mudcat’s lazy Hawaiian six-string twang. An original instrumental, “Furry”, pays tribute to Memphis blues great Furry Lewis with a mercurial riff that fuses into Lewis’ classic tune, “Goin’ to Brownsville”.

On “Whiskey” Mudcat howls: “Whiskey set me free/my wife’s crying/my friends run from me”. A glorious version of Blind Willie McTell’s “Georgia Rag” conjures images of barbecue ribs, sun-dressed women, oysters, shot glasses, beer suds, and mysterious blue smoke at some soul soaked Friday night fish fry.

This CD contains 47 minutes of bottled lightning…

-James Calemine

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