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I Like Her But

by: Lee Bogan

Album Artwork

Lee Bogan is one of the hardest working songwriters in Nashville, having scored may a hit, including the classic country tune “Honky Tonk Attitude.” Lee is currently recording and touring with Ronnie McDowell, and has co-penned several songs for Ronnie’s upcoming release on CURB Records.

Meanwhile, Bogan has a single out that is downright funny, a song called “I Like Her But.” I won’t give away the joke. Download it and you’ll see what I mean.

His new website www.thebuttsong.com, features the track which is only available as an MP3 download. The site also features a pair of more serious Bogan numbers. “Always Beautiful” is a beautiful pop song with a soaring melody, and “Yes She Is” is an equals compelling love song.

What makes these tracks even more amazing is that Lee plays all the instruments, sings the lead and harmony vocals and produces. Talk about a one man band. Three good tunes from one of my favorite songwriters.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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