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Hey Rube

by: Hunter S. Thompson

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Hey Rube
by Hunter S. Thompson

(Simon and Schuster)

When Hunter S. Thompson cashed in his chips, it was the end of one helluva game. One of America’s true treasures made an exit, and legions of devoted fans, including this writer, found ourselves floundering, left without our fearless leader.

I was knee deep in Hey Rube when I got the news of the Doctor’s demise. Somehow, my continued reading of the book (along with a re-visit to Hell’s Angels and the very excellent Hunter tribute issue of Rolling Stone) helped me to cope.

This collection of columns, essays, rants, whatever label you people decide to attach to ‘em - combines his lust for sports, gambling, shooting guns, sex, politics and other swag into one easy to read, thought provoking volume. Some of the best of his post 2000 writings, many never before published, are present , including his ticked off response to 9/11; the 2000 election (“rigged and fixed from the start”); college basketball ( he loved Duke!) and a plethora of controversial opinions, brutal honesty and one of a kind gonzo journalism. We sure are gonna miss you, Doctor.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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