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Heard It In A Love Song

by: Mark Chesnutt

Album Artwork

Mark Chesnutt
Heard It in A Love Song

(CBUJ Ent)

It wasn’t just the title of this album that caught my eye, although anyone who reads my writings on a regular basis knows just how big a fan I am of The Marshall Tucker Band, so that title of one of their biggest hits ever did indeed lure me in. I was, however, also drawn in by the artist himself. Mark Chesnutt has always been one of the best of the contemporary country vocalists. I have had the pleasure of seeing him live on several occasions, a few times sharing the stage with our old friends Alabama, and he was always as good live as he is on record.

Heard it in a Love Song contains about half new tracks and half reissues, but the way in which the package is put together makes for a great collection that flows well and includes some really special moments, including his versions of Waylon Jennings’ “Dreamin’ My Dreams With You,” George Jones’ “A Day In the Life of A Fool” and the Toy Caldwell penned title track, country fried and fresh from the oven. And it’s note everyone who can tackle the music of the legend himself, Hank Williams, yet Chesnutt does a masterful job on William’s “Lost Highway.”

We need to embrace Mark Chesnutt in a big way as one of the keepers of the flame for real honest to God country music. During a time of cookie cutter country, tight jeans and cowboy hats, it’s more than heartwarming to know we still have a few true country singers out there.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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