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Green Winter

by: Love Tractor

Album Artwork

Love Tractor
Green Winter


I have always liked Love Tractor, and with Green Winter, the Athens, Georgia band once again turns in an excellent album. This is the second record in less than a year from the the band.  Black Hole was released in April 2005, and a third title will be released on the heels of this one to finish the trilogy. (That title will likely feature Dave Schools of Widespread Panic, and Mike Mills of REM)

This record is very different from Black Hole, but equally compelling. The set opener, “Saturn Rings” is my favorite, with it’s Talking Heads meets Rick James rhythm and infectious groove. But the whole record is good, especially the R.E.M. flavored “Three and Nine” and the bouncy “Pain and Suffering.”  The song "Wrong Turn" is reminiscent of the Allman Brothers sound and features some excellent guitar soloing. "Inventor of Worlds" sis a bit reminicent of early Pink Floyd. Also excellent is their cover of the Roxy Music song "Three and Nine." A great album. A timeless rock and roll band.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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