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Gator Country Live

by: Gator Country

Album Artwork

Let me just start by stating a cold hard fact. These old Molly Hatchet tunes have never sounded better. With four former Hatchet members leading the pack - Jimmy Farrar, Bruce Crump, Steve Holland and Riff West, along with extraordinary guitar work from Linni Disse and Paul Chapman (formerly of UFO), Gator Country brings back that old school Hatchet feel from the early 1980’s, and rocks it from one end of the disc to the other.

I have always maintained that Jimmy Farrar is one of the most powerful singers in Southern Rock, and he doesn’t let a few more years take anything away from his passion and talent. In fact, he may well sound the best he has ever sounded.

Playing live is the perfect element for these Florida kings of bombast, and from the introduction of the band and the first song, “Bounty Hunter,” you know to grab something and hold on tight. It’s going to be one wild ass ride.

The guys play every song you could imagine, including “It’s All Over Now,” “Gator Country,” “Whiskey Man,” “Dreams” (with a thoughtful dedication to Danny Joe Brown and Duane Roland), “Bloody Reunion,” “Beatin’ The Odds,” “One Man’s Pleasure,” “Flirtin’ with Disaster,” “Long Tall Sally” and “Boogie No More.”

Can I say it? Hell yeah! And as an added bonus, they include the lone studio track they had recorded prior to the untimely death of Duane Roland, their take on Bad Company’s “Oh, Atlanta.” Priceless.

In closing, all I can recommend is that you buy a copy of this nugget and crank it up loud. These guys are the real deal. Accept no substitutes.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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