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Gathering Dust

by: The Dust Devils

Album Artwork

The Dust Devils
Gathering Dust


The Texas duo of Kevin Higgins and Barbara Maltese turn in a tight, creative country rock set filled with great lyrical stories, powerful melodies and addictive guitar work.

Kevin sings “Southern Tears” to begin the set, a tune that sounds at once reminiscent of a country group like Restless Heart and a rock band like Drive By Truckers.

“Tired” is another winner about a disreputable female, and “Railroaded” is another excellent song about a kinder, gentler kind of girl.

Both Kevin and Barbara have great, unique voices, and Barbara sings her heart out on a country jewel, “Friends,” but she truly shines on her tribute to Janis Joplin, “Looking For Pearl,” as one Texan to another. A truly awesome track on a powerful CD that simply commands your attention.

A great album of country rock with a hint of good ol’ Southern rock swank.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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