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Flying Under The Radar

by: Kentucky Headhunters

Album Artwork

Kentucky Headhunters
Flying Under The Radar

(CBuJ Entertainment)

I don’t care what you say, The Kentucky Headhunters are a Southern Rock band.

You can feel it in the music. Not only that, but having interviewed both Richard Young and Greg Martin, I know they came from the same scene that spawned groups like the Marshall Tucker Band and Lynryd Skynyrd. Flying Under the Radar collects tracks from the band’s last three albums, spiced up with a few new songs to keep it interesting. Great covers of “Big Boss Man” and “The Midnight Special” stand well alongside the old Dickey Lee hit “Ashes of Love” and Roger Miller’s whacky “Chug A Lug.”

To sum it up, fifteen tracks, some reissues, all good - make that all “great.” Great Southern rock soul rhythm and blues country blues rock. Yeah, That’s the ticket.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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