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Flirtin' With Disaster

by: Molly Hatchet

Album Artwork

Flirtin with Disaster
Molly Hatchet

(Epic) 1979

There’s no arguing the fact that Flirtin’ with Disaster is one of Southern Rock’s most classic Lps.  It’s Southern Rock the way it was meant to be heard and played. The band's music here does sound quite similar to that of fellow Florida road dogs Lynyrd Skynyrd, the band that contained the man who was originally supposed to produce Hatchet, Ronnie Van Zant.

Still, Molly Hatchet's music has its own unique style. There's more diversity on here than there is on the first album. The title track is Hatchet’s biggest hit ever, and a perinial favorite of bikers and good ol’ boys alike. “Whiskey Man” remains a staple of the Hatchet live show to this day as well, a true classic. Their rendition of The Rolling Stone's 60's hit "It's All Over Now" is Florida Southern boogie at it’s finest.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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