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Five Moons

by: The Beat Daddys

Album Artwork


Larry Grisham and his band have been burning up the blues from their Alabama home and throughout the land for a lot of years now, and we have seen them cosistantly deliver the goods both live and on record. Well kids, Five Moons kicks it all up yet another notch.

All twelve tracks were written or co-written by Grisham, who may be one of the finest blues songwriters in the good ol’ USA. From the opening riffs of “Pale White Circle,” to the absolutely original arranfgement of “Voodoo Satin Doll,” The Beat Daddys stand and deliver.

The band is joined by former Allman Brother Johnny Neel on several tracks, including the awesome “Big Thighs,” but for me, the title track is my favorite of all. “Five Moons” is a brilliant lyric and the song seems to blend Southern blues with an almost sixties psychadelic vibe, with Grisham accenting the whole thing with incredible blues harp.

The Beat Daddys are not your run of the mill blues band. They are different. They “know something.” It’s the blues with a large dose of artistic creativity. Good stuff, top to bottom.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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