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by: Taylor Swift

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(Big Machine)
It seems like every article or review I read about Taylor Swift starts off with some variation on the theme of her age and the fact that she has accomplished so much in her career and has just now turned eighteen. Sure, there have been countless teen idols before her, but there's one difference here, and it’s a big one. Taylor Swift writes her own songs. Good ones.

Fearless is her second album, and it continues and builds on the reputation she established with her debut. “Love Story,” the number one song on Billboard’s country chart this week, is filled with a lot of worldly experience within the lyrics of this young love story. No surprise though, coming from this old soul in a young body. In fact, a lot of Taylor’s songs deal with love and loss, happiness and breakups.

"White Horse," co-written by Taylor and Liz Rose, is about the initial shock one feels when they finally realize they are truly breaking up with someone. It’s the bookend, the other side of the “Love Story” coin, so to speak.

“Breathe” is a standout track, finding Swift co-writing with the excellent pop writer Colbie Calliat

"You Belong With Me," "Tell Me Why," and "Tell Me Why"  are all good, well written relationship songs, and I really liked “The Way I Loved You,” co-written with John Rich. "Forever And For Always"  may be my favorite track. It rocks in a pop vein like Avril Lavigne or Kelly Clarkson, with some real attitude.

Taylor Swift is making all the right moves. No sophomore slump here, folks. As a matter of fact, Fearless may even be better than her self-titled debut. I know, that’s a pretty big claim. But this little lady lives up to all the hype. I predict Taylor still having hits ten years from now, and beyond. Sort of like the new Tanya Tucker. What more can you ask for?

-Michael Buffalo Smith


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traytortor says...

I love this girl. I can listen to her with my kids, and I hope her talent inspires them. What a beautiful young lady.

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