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Dub's Burgers


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Dub's Burgers
204 South Jefferson Street
Athens, AL 35611

For the past forty-six years, Dub's Burgers has been serving up burgers and other such fare to the people of North Alabama. Located in a nondescript shopping center and still sporting the same retro decor for nearly five decades, Dub's is an institution in Athens, Alabama.

Whether you arrive early for breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, toast) and a cup of coffee, or come for lunch or dinner, you will always see your friends and neighbors. Like Cheers, Dub's is a place where everybody knows your name. You may sit next to the mayor, a local lawyer, or a president of one of the banks. Mayor Dan Williams writes " City Attorney Shane Black and I had lunch today at Dub's. It was a beautiful day to be out and we saw lots of folks that we knew."

The menu at Dub's has changed little in the past forty-six years, and that is a very good thing. The big attraction at Dub's is the signature Dub's Burger ($2.50)--a classic burger that can also be ordered with cheese and/or even "deluxe." I went in last Tuesday to order a burger for second breakfast, and was delighted to find it to be as delicious as I remembered. Of course, I had mine "deluxe" style (lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, mustard, catsup, and mayonnaise). It was so fat and juicy that I could barely bite into it.

Other menu options include such bargain items as a hot-dog for a mere $1.35 or a grilled cheese for $1.62. There are also the standard items: chicken or fish sandwich, chuckwagon (a chicken fried steak sandwich and one of my favorites), BLT, Club, and grilled ham and cheese. Homemade chicken salad is also available. Plates lunches ($6.50) include hamburger steak and chicken fingers, and for the calorie conscious there is the ubiquitous chef salad.

Counting calories is the last thing on my mind when I go to Dub's. I go to indulge myself in a burger hot off the grill with a side of fries or crispy onion rings. One caveat: don't try to take a Dub's Burger home unless you live next door. The burgers are designed to be eaten on the spot! If a diner still has room for dessert, Dub's offers a selection of pies including lemon, chocolate, and pecan. 

Dub's has been owned and operated by the Greenhaw family since it was established by Dub and Edna Greenhaw in 1961. For at least thirty-five years there was a second location just off the square in downtown Athens. The uptown location was more spacious, but it served up the same tasty food (including chicken stew and chili) in the same retro decor that chains like Johnny Rockets spend a fortune to emulate.

In 1983 Dub's nephews Herby and Jimmy Greenhaw bought the business and operated it together until Herby retired. The current Dub's Burgers is still in the original location and is owned and operated by Jimmy. The walls of Dub's are like a mini-museum, covered with pictures and memorabilia spanning nearly fifty years. There is even a commendation from the governor of Alabama.

So walk on in, order a burger, and sit a spell. You'll be glad you did.

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fattymoon says...

If I make it to Geezerfest guess where I'll be eating most of my meals?

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