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Driving Music City

by: Diane Durrett

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Diane Durrett moved from Atlanta to Nashville with a head full of dreams and a heart full of song. Once there, like most others, she immediately found that she needed a day job in order to work on her songwriting and pursue her dreams of performing. While most songwriters end up as waitresses and other mundane jobs, Diane lucked into the job of driving a limousine for various stars in Nashville.

The stories she tells are grade “A,” often hilarious, always intriguing, and blending in tidbits about her past to help paint the picture clearly. There is a great story about Diane driving Gregg Allman that ends with her in his hotel room. No, I will not be giving out any “spoilers.” I want you to read the book yourself.

There is a beautiful story about the wedding of Amy Grant and Vince Gill, and a tale of how Diane ended up getting kissed smack on the lips by Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

There’s one excellent tale of a man and his mother who hire the limo, and the man fills Diane’s head full of stories and promises of backing her musical career. (Haven’t we all been there?)

We attend the funeral of the late great Chat Atkins, and go into the recording studio and shopping with the wild child Courtney Love. All of this and a first person account of a Rolling Stones sound check. Oh, and Diane’s tale of singing “Message in a Bottle” with Sting. How cool is that?

The stories just keep on coming: getting the limo stuck in the mud in Steve Cropper’s front yard; driving for Elton John and Billy Joel; hanging with Rev. Al Green; Jimmy Buffett; every story is a gem. All told by a lady who has music oozing from every pore. A wonderful story teller, a great song writer, a soulful vocalist - Dianne Durrett.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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