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Drive Train

by: 38 Special

Album Artwork

38 Special
Drive Train


This ain’t your father’s 38 Special,kids. 38 get their rocks out on Drive Train in what many are calling their best album ever. Yep, you heard right - ever.

Turn it up and kick back. “Something I Need” rocks with an Aerosmith/Kiss feel, and just as you are catching your breath, along comes the smokin’ guitars of Don Barnes and Danny Chauncey with another balls to the wall rock song.

Now, I hate to draw too many comparisons, but “Haley’s Got A Harley” could easily be an Aerosmith song. I can almost see Steve Tyler in my mind’s eye, swaggering across the stage, thinkin’ about becoming a grandpa in a few months. That is until Donnie Van Zant evokes a picture of Ronnie with the words “so sweet.” “Haley’s” is a single waiting to happen. If radio doesn’t jump all over this one, they are asleep.

It’s great to hear Donnie singing more again, and he sounds fantastic. Well, truth is, the whole band sounds good. Real good. “Jam On” is another exciting and memorable track. Of course, it’s hard to pick a real standout cut, because Drive Train rocks from point “A” to point”B” and on to point “Z” without any slack. I’ve got to say, 38 has never been more special. Party on Wayne. Party on Garth. Excellent!

-Michael Buffalo Smith


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