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Devil in the Details

by: Hogjaw

Album Artwork

Hogjaw is back and they are dishing up their heavy Southern Rock with an oversized ladle. The cover art on the CD rocks, which really sets the stage for the music, which is like a cross between Lynyrd Skynyrd and Metallica. Jonboat Jones (vocal/guitar), Craig Self (lead guitar), Elvis D (Bass) and J. "killer" Kowalski (drums) deliver both barrells. It rocks large.

The 4-piece band gets on the good side of Southern Rock fans the world over by putting not one but two “whiskey” songs on their CD. Add to that a good ol’ “Swamp” tune, and you are instantly on the right rebel rock track.

The CD rocks from beginning to end, and their updated cover of Jerry Reed’s “East Bound and Down” should get them a lot of attention.

If you like your Southern Rock hard and heavy, Hogjaw is your band. More Blackfoot than MTB, more Hatchet than Cowboy. Check ‘em out.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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