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Deja Voodoo

by: Gov't Mule

Album Artwork

Gov’t Mule
Deja Voodoo


The Mule is back! On this, the band’s first release since finding permanent replacements for the late Allen Woody (it takes two to fill the Wood man’s shoes) - Andy Hess on bass and Danny Louis on keys join Matt Abts and the always surprising singer- songwriter- guitarist Warren Haynes.

The album kicks off with a rocking “Bad Man Walking,” back to back with a bluesy “About To Rage.” Next is the psychedelic-electric mayhem that starts off “Perfect Shelter,” another good one that finds Warren putting the old wah-wah pedal to good use.

“Little Toy Brain” is all about drugs and rock-n-roll and the inevitable consequences that stem from that lethal mixture. Perhaps the best track on Deja Voodoo is “Slackjaw Jezebel,” a guitar-driven rocker (imagine that) painted in the hues of Warren’s lyrical imagery. “Wine and Blood” is a haunting look inside the mind of a woman named Desiree, and “Lola Leave Your Light On” is another choice track, a rocker about a man who is feeling the urge, if you get my drift. “Silent Scream” is a moody, almost Pink Floyd vibe, and “No Celebration” seems to continue that feeling on through into the first verse anyway before receiving a Mule kick on the refrain.

It is totally unfair to compare this Mule to the Mule of Woody’s day, which I did for the first week I had this CD. I for one, will now officially let Woody rest. He deserves it. we’ll never forget him, especially with Warren and company keeping us in good new Mule music.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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