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Cody McCarver

by: Cody McCarver

Album Artwork

I have been listening to Cody McCarver for years, both as a member of Confederate Railroad (a band he joined in 1999)  and as a solo artist. He is a staple of the annual Angelus event down in Tampa.

Cody’s self penned “Through God’s Eyes” opens the album in somber style. The beautiful song of equality rose to the top of the charts at the end of 2008. Of course, he had already scored big with his cut “Red Flag,” which is also included here.

“Country Badass” is one of the coolest Southern Rock songs I have heard in quite some time. The lyrics rock, the music is one part Skynyrd, one part Outlaws, and the female backup singers only add to the mix. The arrangement is classic Southern Rock all the way. Absolute smoking guitars in a “Free Bird”/”Highway Song” style.

Charlie Robison’s “Sunset Boulevard” is given an excellent reading by McCarver, who sounds a bit like a VanZant on this one. The lyrics are excellent, all about a man trying to get over a broken heart by any means possible.

Cody turns in a great rework of the Sopranos theme song “Chosen One,” that goes places you won’t believe, and “It Should Have Been Me” is another great country song about being in the “wrong place at the wrong time.”

“White Trash with Money,” written by Railroad front man Danny Shirley, reminds me of an old Charlie Daniels song, with twin leads and a boogie beat. The lyrics are a hoot.

In another surprise, Cody takes on the old Rod Stewart hit “Tonight’s the Night,” turning it into a cool country song.  And the set closer, “The Cure” is another great rocker with more Southern Rock flavor sprinkled on.

If I were to describe Cody’s debut in one word. it would be “honest.” You can feel the down home country honesty coming from the speakers. This Tennessee boy has a very pleasing voice and the heart of a real Southern Rocker with his feet firmly planted in country soil.

McCarver is the real deal. Check him out.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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Donna Williamson says...

A great sound, CODY's awesome voice is a must have for any country/southern rock fan's collection. I love it.

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