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Cheap Whiskey EP

by: Hogjaw

Album Artwork


If you go looking for good ol’ Southern rock, Tucson, Arizona might very well be the last stop on your tour, but guess what? Out there on the spiritaul vortex in the middle of the desert there is a band called Hogjaw playing some mighty tasty, kick ass Southern rock.

These guys don’t mess around. They come out of the chute kicking hard, like an old school Molly Hatchet with a little Metallica tossed in for good measure. This ain’t music for wimps, ladies and gents. From the rocking “4Lo” to equally bombastic tunes like “El Camino,” “The Fog,” and “Junga,” the music just keeps on a rocking. What I really like is that these guys obviously have a sense of humor too, judging from the last track, “Cheap Whiskey,” which sounds more like old mountain music being played on someone’s porch in West Virginia than by a rowdy bunch of Southern rock fans out in Arizona. Look for great things from these boys.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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