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All Points in Between

by: Rebel Pride

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On this, Rebel Pride’s sophomore release, they kick it up even bigger and better than on the first album. This Florida band manages to bring us a sound very similar to that of the original Molly Hatchet, while still keeping it real and absolutely original.

The lead singer sounds a helluva lot like Danny Joe Brown did in his hey day, and I really love that. The famous “three guitar attack” made famous by folks like Hatchet and of course fellow Floridians The Outlaws is present and accounted for. And the rhythm section has it goin' on, and is tighter than Jack Benny’s hat band.

Great songs abound, from the rockin’ opener, “Girls Just Wanna Dance” to powerful tunes like “Cocaine Gun” and “It is What it Is.” Of course, the outstanding track that rises to the top, one that has garnered quite a lot of air play on radio stations like allsouthernrock.com, is  “Heritage Not Hate,” and anthem for the confederate battle flag waving crowd.

All Points in Between
should satisfy the hunger of any fan of the Skynyrd/Hatchet style of Southern Rock. These guys aren’t playing around. It’s obvious they mean business. Prepare to have your ass kicked.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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