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Tulsa Review Archives

The Grifter's Hymnal

Review of: Ray Wylie Hubbard

(Bordello Records) The Grifter's Hymnal serves as the follow-up album to Ray Wylie Hubbard's 2010 release A: Enlightenment B: Endarkenment. The Oklahoma-born read more...

Live In Japan

Review of: Leon Russell

(Omnivore Recordings) Omnivore Recordings just released Leon Russell's Live In Japan album. This marks the historic album's first release outside of Japan and its first time on CD anywhere. The read more...

This Is Indian Land

Review of: Cody Canada & The Departed

(Apex Nashville/Underground Sound) Oklahoma has long been a western-edge feeder system for country music.  Woody Guthrie is a native son.  Bob Wills established his career there. read more...

The Blues Rolls On

Review of: Elvin Bishop

(Delta Groove) What makes this new Elvin Bishop record so amazing is the roster of special guests he has been able to assemble. This lineup shows just want a respected guitarist Elvin is with his peers. The guests on the album include B.B. King, George Thorogood, read more...

Song of America

Review of: Various Artists

Song of America Various Artists 31 Tigers Records By James Calemine This 50-song, 3 CD collection tells the story of America through songs from the year 1492 through modern times. Song of America contains a diverse line-up of artists read more...

Angel In Disguise

Review of: Leon Russell

Angel In Disguise Leon Russell MRI Records By James Calemine Angel In Disguise contains 11 new Leon Russell songs. Russell's prodigious discography proves his influence and talent read more...

Red Dirt Marijuana & Other Tastes

Review of: Terry Southern

Red Dirt Marijuana & Other Tastes Terry Southern Citadel Underground By read more...

To Tulsa and Back

Review of: JJ Cale

To Tulsa and Back serves as J.J. Cale’s first studio album in eight years. Cale returned to Tulsa, his hometown, and recruited some old friends to play on the record. It’s common knowledge that Eric Clapton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers, Johnny Cash, the read more...

Mad Dogs and Okies

Review of: Jamie Oldaker

Jamie Oldaker’s Mad Dogs & Okies (Concord) Rock n’ roll drummer Jamie Oldaker, best known for his work with Eric Clapton, has assembled a magnificent all-star cast for “Mad Dogs & Okies,” with read more...

The Road To Escondido

Review of: Eric Clapton and J.J. Cale

Some of Eric Clapton's biggest hits ("After Midnight" and "Cocaine") were J.J. Cale songs, so it's only fitting the two guitar slingers finally recorded an album together.

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