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Zac Brown Band, Derek Trucks Band, Kings of Leon Win Grammys

Posted: Feb 01, 2010

Well, I must admit I really enjoyed most of last night's Grammy Awards telecast. There were some interesting moments to be sure. Of course we were happy to see The Derek Trucks Band win Best Traditional Blues Album for Already Free and Kings of Leon win Record of the Year for "Use Somebody."

And we were absolutely thrilled to see The Zac Brown Band win Best New Artist. I always get a kick out of seeing my friend Clay Cook accepting these awards. Clay is the guitarist for the ZBB, and a former member of The Marshall Tucker Band. He is also the nephew of MTB singer Doug Gray.

Zac and the boy's turned in a great performance too, with special guest Leon Russell, beginning with "America" and then Leon's "Dixie Lullaby" and finishing it out with "Chicken Fried." Pretty cool.

Congratulations to all the Grammy winners.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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coconut1955 says...

I like my chicken fried!

michaelbuffalo says...

Ditto. And what about her and Stevie Nicks. Taylor just plain stepped all over Stevie and her "harmony" was like finger nails on a chalk board! In the wirds of a friend on Facebook, KILL NASHVILLE POP!! Zac and the boys are the real deal!

copperhead says...

Thank God someone else relizes Swift is just not that good. How did his happen? Spot on Zac Brown, Great band

cincymom says...

Zac Brown Band rocked it last night! I know that the MTB must miss him terribly, but I'm sure Uncle Doug is incredibly proud of his nephew's success. Hope I don't completely peeve anybody, but when will it be evident to people that Taylor Swift CAN'T sing and is not deserving of the all too numerous accolades she's received this year.

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