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Widespread Panic's Todd Nance From Asheville

Posted: Apr 09, 2011

Panic Drummer Reports From Asheville

Yesterday I called Widespread Panic drummerTodd Nance while he rode to the Asheville Civic Center in the band bus. Panic played Asheville last night, and they have another show there tonight during an early run on their 25th Anniversary tour.

It's going to be a significant and busy year for the group. We talked about various topics, but I asked Todd if the band made a deliberate effort to plunge into the songbook for this silver anniversary tour. He responded:

"Specifically the first three songs we played in Athens were the first three songs we played at the Mad Hatter in 86. We are definitely digging deep into the master list of songs. We're pulling out stuff we haven't played in quite some time. We played "New Speedway Boogie" a couple of nights ago, which we played in Athens. We're all working on stuff we haven't played in a while or as much. We're trying to get as many songs in as possible.

"We want to give a really diverse show every night. We don't want a show to repeat itself every third or fourth night where folks know what they're going to hear every few shows. We try to avoid that. There's a lot of planning that goes into setlists these days. In fact, tonight's stlist has already been worked out. There are songs Jimmy hasn't heard in a long time or maybe he only played it once in three years. So, if Jimmy needs a review...it never hurts us to review either (laughs)...

"The crowds are great. The energy is great. We couldn't really ask for more right now. We look forward to seeing everybody."

Monday I'm interviewing Panic percussionist Sunny Ortiz. Until then,

James Calemine


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