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Video of the Day: The Zac Brown Band "Toes"

Posted: Oct 06, 2009


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Wireless from AT&T


gongsi028 says...

  "But before you leave us, we must demonstrate the power of this station onceand for all, in a conclusive fashion. In a way, you have determined the choice ofsubject for this demonstration. Since you have proven reluctant to supply us withthe location of the rebel stronghold, I have deemed it appropriate to select as analternate subject your home planet of Alderaan."   "No! You can't! Alderaan is a peaceful world, with no standing armies.You can't…"   Tarkin's eyes gleamed. "You would prefer another target? A military target,perhaps? We're agreeable grow tired of such games. For the last time, where is themain rebel base?"   A voice announced over a hidden speaker that they had approached withinantigrav range of Alderaan-approximately six planetary diameters. That wasenough to accomplish what all of Vader's infernal devices had failed to.   "Dantooine," she whispered, staring at the deck, all pretense at defiance gonenow. "They're on Dantooine." Without warning the Artoo unit suddenly leaped off the ground-no mean featconsidering the weakness of the spring mechanisms in his three thick legs. Hiscylindrical body was twisting and spinning as he let out a frantic symphony ofwhistles, hoots, and electronic exclamations.   Luke was tired,UGG Boots Clearance not alarmed. "What is it? What's wrong with him now?"He was beginning to see how Threepio's patience could be worn thin. He had hadabout enough of this addled instrument himself.   Undoubtedly the Artoo unit had acquired the holo of the girl by accident,UGG Boots Clearance thenused it to entice Luke into removing his restraining module. Threepio probably hadthe right attitude. Still, once Luke got its circuits realigned and its logic couplingscleaned, it would make a perfectly serviceable farm unit.UGG Boots Clearance Only…if that was the case,then why was Threepio looking around so anxiously?   "Oh my, sir. Artoo claims there are several creatures of unknown typeapproaching from the southeast." Ugg boots clearance   That could be another attempt by Artoo to distract them, but Luke couldn't takethe chance. Instantly he had his rifle off his shoulder and had activated the energycell. He examined the horizon in the indicated direction and saw nothing. Ugg boots clearance But then,sandpeople were experts at making themselves unseeable.   Luke suddenly realized exactly how far out they were, how much ground thelandspeeder had covered that morning.Ugg boots clearance "I've never been out in this direction this farfrom the farm before," he informed Threepio. "There are some awfully strangethings living out here. Not all of them have been classified.Ugg boots outlet It's better to treatanything as dangerous until determined otherwise. Of course, if it's somethingutterly new…" His curiosity prodded him. In any case, this was probably justanother ruse of Artoo Detoo's. "Let's take a look," he decided.   Moving cautiously forward and keeping his rifle ready, he led Threepio towardthe crest of a nearby high dune. At the same time he took care not to let Artoo out ofhis sight.   Once at the top he lay flat and traded his rifle for the macrobinoculars. Below,another canyon spread out before them, rising to a wind-weathered wall of rust andocher. Advancing the binocs slowly across the canyon floor, he settled unexpectedlyon two tethered shapes. Banthas-and riderless!   "Did you say something, sir?" wheezed Threepio, struggling up behind Luke.His locomotors were not designed for such outer climbing and scrambling.   "Banthas, all right," Luke whispered over his shoulder, not considering in theexcitement of the moment that Threepio might not know a Bantha from a panda.   He looked back into the eyepieces, refocusing slightly. "Wait…it's sandpeople,sure. I see one of them."   Something dark suddenly blocked his sight. For a moment he thought that arock might have moved in front of them. Irritably he dropped the binoculars andreached out to move the blinding object aside. His hand touched something like softmetal.   It was a bandaged leg about as big around as both of Luke's together. Shocked,he looked up…and up. The towering figure glaring down at him was no jawa. Ithad seemingly erupted straight from the sand.   Threepio took a startled step backward and found no footing. As gyros whinedin protest the tall robot tumbled backward down the side of the dune. Frozen inplace, Luke heard steadily fading bangs and rattles as Threepio bounced down thesteep slope behind him.   As the moment of confrontation passed, the Tusken let out a terrifying grunt offury and pleasure and brought down his heavy gaderffii. The double-edged axwould have cleaved Luke's skull neatly in two, except that he threw the rifle up in agesture more instinctive than calculated. His weapon deflected the blow, but wouldnever do so again. Made from cannibalized freighter plating the huge ax shatteredthe barrel and made metallic confetti of the gun's delicate insides.

gongsi028 says...

"Have you seen Luke this morning?" he asked as softly as he could manage.   She glance briefly at him, UGG Boots Clearance then returned to her cooking. "Yes. He said he hadsome things to do before he started out to the south ridge this morning, so he leftearly."   "Before breakfast?" Owen frowned worriedly. "That's not like him. Did hetake the new 'droids with him?"   "I think so. I am sure I saw at least one of them with him."   "Well,"UGG Boots Clearance Owen mused, uncomfortable but with nothing to really hangimprecations on, "he'd better have those ridge units repaired by midday or there'll behell to pay."   An unseen face shielded by smooth white metal emerged from the half-buriedlife pod that now formed the backbone of a dune slightly higher than its neighbors.UGG Boots Clearance The voice sounded efficient, but tired.   "Nothing," the inspecting trooper muttered to his several companions. "Notapes, and no sign of habitation."   Powerful handguns lowered at the information that the pod was deserted.Ugg boots clearance Oneof the armored men turned, calling out to an officer standing some distance away."This is definitely the pod that cleared the rebel ship, sir, but there's nothing onboard."   "Yet it set down intact," the officer was murmuring to himself. "It could havedone so on automatics, but if it was a true malfunction, then they shouldn't have beenengaged." Something didn't make sense.   "Here's why there's nothing on board and no hint of life, sir," a voice declared.   The officer turned and strode several paces to where another trooper waskneeling in the sand.Ugg boots clearance He held up an object for the officer's inspection. It shone inthe sun.   "'Droid plating," the officer observed after a quick glance at the metal fragment.Superior and underling exchanged a significant glance. Then their eyes turnedsimultaneously to the high mesas off to the north.   Gravel and fine sand formed a gritty fog beneath the landspeeder as it slid acrossthe rippling wasteland of Tatooine on humming repulsors. Occasionally the craftwould jog slightly as it encountered a dip or slight rise, Ugg boots clearance to return to its smooth passageas its pilot compensated for the change in terrain.   Luke leaned back in the seat, luxuriating in unaccustomed relaxation as Threepioskillfully directed the powerful landcraft around dunes and rocky outcrops. "Youhandle a landspeeder pretty well,Ugg boots outlet for a machine," he noted admiringly.   "Thank you, sir," a gratified Threepio responded, his eyes never moving from thelandscape ahead. "I was not lying to your uncle when I claimed versatility as mymiddle name. In fact, on occasion I have been called upon to perform unexpectedfunctions in circumstances which would have appalled my designers."   Something pinged behind them, ugg boots clearance then pinged again.   Luke frowned and popped the speeder canopy. A few moments of digging inthe motor casing eliminated the metallic bark. Tarkin sighed reluctantly. "I am a dedicated man, and the pleasures I reservedfor myself are few. One of them is that before your execution I should like you to bemy guest at a small ceremony. It will certify this battle station's operational statuswhile at the same time ushering in a new era of Imperial technical supremacy. Thisstation is the final link in the new-forged Imperial chain which will bind the millionsystems of the galactic Empire together once and for all. Your petty Alliance will nolonger be of any concern to us. After today's demonstration no one will dare toopposite Imperial decree, not even the Senate."   Organa looked at him with contempt. "Force will not keep the Empire together.Force has never kept anything together for very long. The more you tighten yourgrip, the more systems will slip through your fingers. You're a foolish man,Governor. Foolish men often choke to death on their own delusions."   Tarkin smiled a death's-head smile, his face a parchment skull's. "It will beinteresting to see what manner of passing Lord Vader has in mind for you. I amcertain it will be worthy of your-and of him.

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