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Video of the Day: Swampdawamp

Posted: Sep 28, 2009

Swampdawamp's "Shoebox Memories." Look for a Doug Gray cameo at 1:03.


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gongsi028 says...

    Tarkin let out a slow sigh of satisfaction, then turned to the black figure nearby."There, you see, Lord Vader? She can be reasonable. One needs only frame thequestion properly to elicit the desired response." He directed his attention to theother officers. "After concluding our little test here we shall make haste to move onto Dantooine. You may proceed with the operation, gentlemen."   It took several seconds for Tarkin's words, so casually uttered, to penetrate."What!" Organa finally gasped.   "Dantooine," Tarkin explained, examining his fingers, "is too far from thecenters of Imperial population to serve as the subject of an effective demonstration.You will understand that for reports of our power to spread rapidly through theEmpire we require an obstreperous world more centrally located. Have no fear,though. We will deal with your rebel friends on Dantooine as soon as possible."   "But you said…" Organa started to protest.   "The only words which have meaning are the last ones spoken," Tarkin declaredcuttingly. "We will proceed with destruction of Alderaan as planned. Then youwill enjoy watching with us as we obliterate the Dantooine center of this stupid andfutile rebellion."   He gestured to the two soldiers flanking her. "escort her to the principalobservation level and," he smiled, "make certain she is provided with an unobstructedview.""I share your sorrow, Luke," he finally ventured softly. "There was nothing youcould have done. Had you been there,UGG Boots Clearance you'd be dead now, too, and the 'droidswould be in the hands of the Imperials. Not even the force-"   "Damn your force!" Luke snarled with sudden violence.UGG Boots Clearance Now he turned andglared at Kenobi. There was a set to his jaw that belonged on a much older face.   "I'll take you to the spaceport at Mos Eisley, Ben. I want to go with you-toAlderaan. There's nothing left for me here now." His eyes turned to look outacross the desert, to focus on something beyond sand and rock and canyon walls. "Iwant to learn to be like a Jedi, like my father. I want…" He paused, the wordsbacking up like a logjam in his throat. UGG Boots Clearance   Kenobi slid into the cockpit, put a hand gently on the youth's shoulder, then wentforward to make room for the two robots. "I'll do my best to see that you get whatyou want, Luke.Ugg boots clearance For now, let's go to Mos Eisley."   Luke nodded and closed the canopy. The landspeeder moved away to thesoutheast, leaving behind the still-smoldering sandcrawler, the jawa funeral pyre, andthe only life Luke had ever known.   Leaving the speeder parked near the edge of the sandstone bluff,Ugg boots clearance Luke and Benwalked over and peered down at the tiny regularized bumps erupting from the sun-baked plain below. The haphazard collage of low-grade concrete, stone, and plastoidstructures spread outward from a central power-and-water-distribution plant like thespokes of a wheel.   Actually the town was considerably larger than it appeared,Ugg boots clearance since a good portionof it lay underground. Looking like bomb craters from this distance, the smoothcircular depressions of launch stations pockmarked the cityscape.   A brisk gale was scouring the tired ground. It whipped the sand about Luke'sfeet and legs as he adjusted his protective goggles.   "There it is," Kenobi murmured,Ugg boots outlet indicating the unimpressive collection ofbuildings, "Mos Eisley Spaceport-the ideal place for us to lose ourselves while weseek passage offplanet. Not a more wretched collection of villainy and disreputabletypes exists anywhere on Tatooine. The Empire has been alerted to us, so we mustbe very cautious, Luke. The population of Mos Eisley should disguise us well."   Luke wore a determined look. "I'm ready for anything, Obi-wan."   I wonder if you comprehend what that might entail, Luke, Kenobi thought. Buthe only nodded as he led the way back to the landspeeder.   Unlike Anchorhead, there were enough people in Mos Eisley to requiremovement in the heat of day. Built from the beginning with commerce in mind,even the oldest of the town's buildings had been designed to provide protection fromthe twin suns. They looked primitive from the outside, and many were. Butoftentimes walls and arches of old stone masked durasteel double walls withcirculating coolant flowing freely between.   Luke was maneuvering the landspeeder through the town's outskirts whenseveral tall, gleaming forms appeared from nowhere and began to close a circlearound him. For one panicked moment he considered gunning the engine and racingthrough the pedestrians and other vehicles. A startlingly firm grip on his arm bothrestrained and relaxed him. He glanced over to see Kenobi smiling, warning him.   So they continued at a normal town cruising speed, Luke hoping that the imperialtroops were bent on business elsewhere. No such luck. One of the troopers raisedan armored hand. Luke had no choice but to respond. As he pulled the speederover, he grew aware of the attention they were receiving from curious passersby.Worse yet, it seemed that the trooper's attention was in fact reserved not for Kenobi orhimself, but for the two unmoving robots seated in the speeder behind them.   "How long have you had these 'droids?" the trooper who had raised his handbarked. Polite formalities were to be dispensed with, it appeared.   Looking blank for a second, Luke finally came up with "Three or four seasons, Iguess."   "They're up for sale, if you want them-and the price is right," Kenobi put in,giving a wonderful impression of a dessert finagler out to cajole a few quick creditsfrom ignorant Imperials.   The trooper in charge did not deign to reply. He was absorbed in a thoroughexamination of the landspeeder's underside.   "Did you come in from the south?" he asked.

rebyll says...

SwampDaWamp music is now available on V Cast from Verizon....

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