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Tuesday Tastings (Week 8): Midway Point

Posted: Oct 28, 2008

Thanks to Patrick "Snowman" Snow's item early Monday morning, he helped us cover a lot of ground for our tastings.  Without any further waiting...


Tennesee Titans - What can we say about these Titans?  They took the Colts best shot and rallied to stay undefeated.  Tennessee now holds an almost insurmountable lead in the AFC South.  Joe Biddle wonders if we are seeing a changing of the guard in the division.

Washington Redskins - They struggled more than they should have against the hapless Lions, but the Skins keep winning.  They have a lot in common with the Titans.  Like Fisher, Jim Zorn is a little more fiesty than his public demeanor might reveal.

Carolina Panthers - Kudos to the Panthers for coming back against a tough Cardinal team.  We warned it would be a tough matchup, and it was.  Now, the Panthers are alone atop the NFC South at 6-2.

Miami Dolphins - The Fins deserve credit for winning a must win game.  They are still a playoff longshot, but this team has pride - something previous Dolphin squads lacked.  Getting good play from veterans (Joey Porter) and young kids (Ted GInn) is a sign that the new Dolphin regime knows what it is doing.


Atlanta Falcons - SPF didn't expect the Falcons to continue their hot streak.  It was sad that the game had a big, controversial call that might have changed the outcome.

Dallas Cowboys - It was a nice win for the Cowboys, but things are still shaky in Big D.  If Brooks Bollinger is considered an upgrade at QB, Tony Romo can't come back fast enough.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Bucs were the Cowboys' victim, and they should be ashamed.  This year's team is so close to being in the top echelon, but they fall a little short.  Losing to Dallas on the road seemed reasonable at the beginning of the season, but not when the team was playing them without Romo.

The Bucs missed a chance to make a statement.  They also missed a chance to keep pace with the Panthers.

New Orleans Saints - They did what they had to do, what they are used to do.  They won in a shootout.  They are staying in the NFC South race.  We just wonder if they can ever dig themselves out of their hole and into the playoffs.

St Louis Rams - Even though the Rams short win streak ended, they played well on the road against the Pats.

Houston Texans - Even though we knew they'd win this one, the efficiency of the win over Cincy deserves accolades.  We're still not giving them slack, but they are tied for second in the AFC South.


Jacksonville Jaguars - Where do we begin??  We hear that Jack Del Rio is upset.  Well, Jack, so are we.  We would like to see the folks in North Florida/South Georgia have some football they they can be proud of.  I guess they have that in the upcoming game this Saturday.

The Jags should be mightily embarrassed losing to the Browns at home.  Like the Saints, the Jags can't handle success.  Unfortunately, the Saints seem very solid in their market.  The Jags don't have that luxury in theirs.

Is it time to start seeing Jack Del Rio as overrated?

Indianapolis Colts - Even their local media can see that the Titans are better, but the problem is starting to be Dungy.  Patrick Snow is working on something about Dungy that will be coming up soon.  I won't give it all away, but Snowman might put a few chips in Dungy's teflon.

The Colts (beside Marvin Harrison) are young, and Manning is still in his prime.  That seems like a team that should be better than 3-4.

Cincinnati Bengals - Done turned.

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