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Tuesday Tastings (Week 6): Burt Reynolds Loves The Falcons!

Posted: Oct 14, 2008

It was a very weird week in SPF land.  Many teams lost games they weren't expected to lose.  A few others had surprising wins. 

(The Titans were off so they don't get included this week.)


Tampa Bay Buccaneers - They took care of business quickly and methodically against the Panthers 27-3.  Joe Henderson makes the good point that the city of Tampa needed a easy game after watching the Rays have to go to extra innings the night before in their playoff game.

Indianapolis Colts - If anyone doubted that Peyton Manning is the Colts, Sunday's demolition of the Ravens taught them a lesson.  Mike Chappell's column shows that as Manning goes, the Colts go.  Everyone looks to him.

Now that he's looking better the rest of the AFC should be scared.

New Orleans Saints - The Saints took care of business just like the Bucs and the Colts by demolishing their opponent.  Yes, it was only the Raiders, but the Saints needed a confidence builder after too many close losses.

The offense is clicking behind Brees and Bush.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Finally!  The Jags won a game by playing good defense and running the ball. 

They had to beat Denver, and they did.  With a fast rising Colt team and an undefeated Titan team in their division, Jax must stay on this track so the season doesn't get away from them.

Atlanta Falcons - My, how things have turned around.  We mused that a win against Chicago could be a possibility.  Make that two NFC North teams in a row for the Falcons.  Mark Bradley's column shows how the Falcons are starting to become a great organization from top to bottom.  Considering how critical SPF was of Arthur Blank's ownership and the pick of QB Matt Ryan we have to say we were dead wrong.

(On a side note, the 1976 Burt Reynolds movie Gator was on a couple of nights ago.  In the beginning boat chase scene, Gator, played by Reynolds, was wearing a Falcons hat.  Maybe it's time for the Falcons to become part of Swampland lore once again.)


Check out Burt's Falcons Cap in the Gator Trailer!


St Louis Rams - Hooray for the Rams!  They not only won a game, but they beat our #1 team, the Redskins.  Jeff Gordon writes about the how Jim Haslett is the anti-Scott Linehan.  We don't expect a huge turnaround, but the fans in St Louis deserve this kind of win.

Washington Redskins - The Rams' gain is the Skins loss.  One thing we learned about this loss is that the Redskins can't dig their way out of self-created holes.

Houston Texans - Another one of our winless teams came up with a big, last-minute win.  Richard Justice's column tells how the Texans seemed overcome by a sense of relief.

Miami Dolphins - Greg Cote defends the Dolphins loss, but it hurt to lose a game that they had in hand on the road to a previously winless Texan team.

SPF expected the Dolphins to win.  They didn't.  No matter how it happened, it's a setback to a team that he been looking very strong in the previous two games.

Carolina Panthers - Although some are saying that the Panthers shouldn't overreact, they stunk it up in Tampa.  Thye must get back on track against the hot Saints who come for a visit this coming weekend.


Dallas Cowboys - Randy Galloway says it best, the Cowboys loss against the Cardinals was inexcusable. but we think it might be worse than just one game.  Why is SPF starting to feel like the Cowboys are Jerry Jones little fantasy football team? 

He brings in Pacman Jones who picks a fight with his own bodyguard and is now suspended.  Tony Romo is out for four weeks with a broken pinky.  Now, the Cowboys have traded multiple draft picks for Lions WR Roy Williams, a former star in high school and college in Texas.

So far, offense hasn't been the problem.  The defense has.  Maybe things will turn around.  It just feels kind of bad right now.

Cincinnati Bengals - The Bengals can't win.  Carson Palmer is out.  Pual Daugherty describes the Job-like pain of being a Bengals fan.


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