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Touching Base with Johnny Sandlin

Posted: Sep 25, 2008

I had a nice phone conversation with Johnny Sandlin yesterday. I was telling him about my recent conversation with Elvin Bishop, and that Elvin was very interested in reconnecting with both him and Bonnie Bramlett. I was able to exchange contact information between them, and hopefully the old friends who all worked together during the Capricorn era will reconnect and maybe even work together again. That would be too cool.

I asked Johnny what he had been working on. He is sending me his latest work, a band called Highly Kind. I have heard good buzz on them already, which Sandlin reinforced. It's always a pleasure to speak with Johnny, and catch up. I hope to get back down to Duct Tape Studios again soon to see him. Until then...

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.




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