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Tom Waits Records with Hank Williams III

Posted: Sep 13, 2011

Tom Waits Records with Hank Williams III

Tom Waits contributed guest vocals on a new Hank Williams III album titled Ghost To A Ghost that contains a wide-variety of songs. Waits sings on the album's title track and another titled "Fadin' Moon".

In a recent interview with Hails and Horns, Williams had this to say about Tom Waits: “He’s one of the guys that’s always marched to his own drum and done it his own way. He’s just different, and it was an honor. We talked for a long time before we even got close to doing songs together. He felt a lot more natural on the Cajun stuff. He’s always been a fan of the accordion.”

Unpredictable glory at its finest...

James Calemine


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