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This Evening's Stanley Booth Call

Posted: Oct 13, 2008

The Latest News From Writer Stanley Booth

This evening I received a call from my old friend Stanley Booth. Anyone reading this knows of our historic brotherhood. Stanley just returned from New York where he conducted a three hour interview for the Biography Channel for a documentary on The Rolling Stones.

Stanley also read in Macon last week from his two books The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones and Rythm Oil. He told me from the Stones book he read the part where he and the Stones are driving to see Gram Parsons. Then Stanley said he read about meeting Otis Redding for the first time. Also, here's a link to a review Stanley's wife--Alabama poet--Diann Blakely wrote concerning Robert Johnson.

Stanley also told me he spoke to Paul Wexler' who informed him of a memorial concert for his father Jerry Wexler being set for the future. I won't reveal the two artists who have already committed to this star-studded show...but rest assured they're heavy. Also, Stanley will return to New York in early November for a photography show for his old friend William Eggleston. I will be doing my first installment of a series of interviews with Mr. Booth later this week. We may even get another friend of Mr. Booth--Jim Dickinson--involved in our storytelling project. First class literature, journalism and storytelling is on the way pronto. So, stay tuned.

James Calemine

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PenneElk says...

Me,again. I read in this week's New Yorker that the Eggleston exhibit "Democratic Camera" will be at the Whitney until January 25. Can't wait to see it. :-)

PenneElk says...

OOPS, meant to type Eggleston!

PenneElk says...

Wow, so great to hear all the good news about Booth et al. Hope the Eggleson show will still be up in December. I will be in NYC December 13-15 and would love to see it.

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