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The Who Tragedy: 30 Years Ago Today

Posted: Dec 03, 2009

I was never a fan of "festival seating" at concerts. I recall many times getting caught up in the raging crowds coming into shows. It was a scary situation. One show in particular I will never forget.

It was at the old Greenville Memorial Auditorium, and KISS was playing. They were at the peak of popularity. The powers that be promised to open doors at 7 pm, and at 7:45 we were all waiting in front of the huge glass doors. Then some wise guys began to push. Nobody was hurt badly, but it was spooky to be powerless in the wake of this flood.

The worst tragedy ever associated with festival seating - that is, general admission, where everyone is fighting to get down to the front of the stage first, happened in Ohio 30 years ago today. GRITZ contributor Derek Halsey was at the show, and today remembers the lives lost to the tragic event. Read the article here.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


PS: We are on the road to the Angelus event with Charlie Daniels. It all begins today! Reports to follow.

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