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The Sunday Slate (Week Three): The NFC South Goes North While the AFC South Faces Off

Posted: Sep 21, 2008

Week 3 doesn't feature as many interesting games as last week, but the AFC South faces off and the NFC South heads up north. 

As Always, SPF teams in CAPS with (Week 2's T.I. Poll Ranking)

Here's a quick breakdown:

JACKSONVILLE (11) @ INDIANAPOLIS (3) - There's no way around it.  Jacksonville must win this game.  Starting the season at 0-3 with two losses to AFC South opponents and another to a conference playoff contender digs a very deep early season hole for this expected SB contender.

HOUSTON (10) @ TENNESSEE (5) - SPF doesn't expect a win by Houston, but they better show a little heart and tough-minded play.  They are playing for a lot of people who lost their homes and worse.  Step up and play with pride against your former team!

DALLAS (1) @ Green Bay - In this latest era of the NFL's top 5 favorite rivalry, give the nod to Dallas.  Tony Romo has a big advantage over Aaron Rodgers in the experience column.  Dallas has also played better teams.

Dallas keeps moving towards the SB.  When will they stumble?  SPF says not this week.

TAMPA BAY (4) @ Chicago - Brian Griese should be able to pick apart the Bears strength - its defense.  The Bucs should also be able to shut down the Bears offense.

CAROLINA (7) @ Minnesota - Don't be fooled by the pre-season hype, Minny isn't that good.  Steve Smith expects to make a difference than Gus Frerrote will for the Vikes. 

Arizona @ WASHINGTON (2) - The Skins need to keep proving themselves against good NFC teams, especially when at home.  Jason Campbell must continue to elevate his play.  This is a good test to see where the Skins stand.

NEW ORLEANS (6) @ Denver - Denver's weak defense plays to the Saints' strength.  This game will tell a lot about the 2008 Saints.  Are they winners or not?

MIAMI (8) @ New England - After watching Arizona's WRs have career games against this Dolphin secondary, Randy Moss must be licking his chops.  Matt Cassell may finally put up some Brady-like numbers.

Kansas City @ ATLANTA (9) - In a season where wins will be hard to come by, this game falls into the W column for the young and hungry Falcons.  Don't blow it!

CINCINNATI (12) @ NY Giants - The only drama surrounding this game is what show Ocho Cinco has planned for the NYC market.

ST LOUIS (13) @ Seattle - These two teams are waiting for the 2009 NFL Draft - watch NASCAR or the Ryder Cup instead.



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