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The Sunday Slate (Week Nine): SPF Inter-league Barometer Time

Posted: Nov 02, 2008

Carolina and New Orleans have bye weeks.  There's one Swampland Showdown.  The rest of today's Slate features matchups between SPF teams and the rest of the NFL.

There is a chance that SPF teams can go undefeated this week sending a huge message to the rest of the NFL.  (We're not counting the Bengals because they have chosen not to field a team this year.)

As Always, SPF teams in CAPS with (Week 8's T.I. Poll Ranking)

JACKSONVILLE (12) @ CINCINNATI (13) - Our only Swampland Showdown game features the two teams at the bottom of our Poll.  Obviously, Jacksonville is expected to win and win big after their disappointing loss to Cleveland.

One game at a time has to be Jack Del Rio's mantra.  This team often gets caught looking ahead.

New England @ INDIANAPOLIS (7) - In another AFC South must win game, the Colts chances appear far less certain.  The Pats, despite all of their injury issues, haven't given an inch this season.  They have been bringing their A game each week.

SPF is waiting for the Colts to wake up.  Maybe it starts this week.

DALLAS (1) @ NY Giants - Dallas certainly had a nice win against Tampa.  It was necessary.  Now, they have a tougher test going to the Meadowlands.

This game is a test of the coaching staff.  They, more than any roster player, need wins to ensure their future in Dallas.  Let's see what Wade & Co. can come up with against the defending champs.

Pittsburgh @ WASHINGTON (3) - This election week MNF special will feature interviews with Barack Obama and John McCain at halftime.  The game should be entertaining as well.  The Steelers already dropped one last week to the Giants.  The Redskins need to hold serve by doing the same.

Green Bay @ TENNESSEE (2) - Can the Titans keep it up?  Green Bay gets lots of love, but they really haven't proven a thing yet.  The Titans need to show that they can out-physical the NFC North yet again.

Arizona @ ST. LOUIS (10) - Those pesky Rams are right back in the playoff picture if they can pull out this home win against the Cards.  Ex-local hero Kurt Warner leads Arizona and has been playing with almost the same spirit he did in his Super Bowl years with the Rams.

It will be fun to watch Warner and Bulger duke it out.

HOUSTON (11) @ Minnesota - Ok, Texans - the cakewalk is over. Here's a road test against Titans-light, the Minnesota Vikings.  The Vikes will try to run over your lines, both defense and offense.

A blowout loss to the Vikes would show that the Texans have proven nothing despite their current second place position in the AFC South.

MIAMI (4) @ Denver - The Dolphins need this one to get to .500 and stay relevant.  Denver has been a barometer game for SPF teams.  Both Tampa and New Orleans lost in Mile High.

Can the Dolphins do any better?

ATLANTA (9) @ Oakland - This is an important cakewalk.  A big part of success in the NFL is winning game you SHOULD win.  Despite their sad state, Oakland is always a weird place to play.  This should help to toughen up the young leaders of the Falcons.

TAMPA BAY (6) @ Kansas City - If this game is anything less than a palette cleanser for the Bucs, we will worry.  KC's offense should be shredded by the Bucs defense.

Maybe this game is the one for Gruden to begin opening up his playcalling. 

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