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The Sunday Slate (Week Eleven): Key Swampland Showdowns in Jax, DC, and Indy!

Posted: Nov 16, 2008

After four SPF teams have byes last week (Dallas, Washington, Tampa Bay, and Cincinnati), we are heading into the home stretch.  Intra-division matchups will determine playoffs berths.  This week our two SPF NFC East teams and the entire AFC South face off.

As Always, SPF teams in CAPS with (Week 10's T.I. Poll Ranking)

DALLAS (7) @ WASHINGTON (7) - The playoffs have begun in the NFC East.  The loser of this game will likely be staying home for the playoffs.  Tony Romo is back, but he will likely be a little rusty.  This might be the last stand for the 2008 Cowboys.  No playoffs will mean a new coach and some personnel overhauls.

TENNESSEE (1) @ JACKSONVILLE (13) - Tennessee has been a thorn in the side of the Jags from their inception as an expansion team.  In their best year on record, the Jags lost only to the Titans.  Unfortunately, one of those three losses was in the AFC title game.

The Titans also seem to revel in outhitting the supposedly fierce and physical Jaguars.  Part of the reason for the Jags lack of success unde Jack Del Rio is that they aren't as physical as the Titans, nor are they as adept on offense as the Colts.

Jack Del Rio seems to have owner Wayne Weaver in his pocket, but we would be telling Jack that this is a must win game for him.

HOUSTON (13) @ INDIANAPOLIS (4) - Houston heads north for another likely division beating.  Except for their record of mixed success against the Jags, the Texans can't win in the AFC South.  They are like the Jags, but a little worse on both sides of the ball.

Indy has been on a roll.  This veteran-led team knows the value that the Texans provide - two easy wins!

Minnesota @ TAMPA BAY (4) -  The Bucs are coming off a bye to face another NFC North team.  So far, they have beaten Green Bay and Chicago.  Minnesota wil be a solid test of the playoff-worthiness of this year's squad.

Expect them to be focused as they begin the stretch run.

Denver @ ATLANTA (4) - Atlanta scales new heights each week.  Another win at home against the Broncos is critical for their playoff hopes.  They have a much tougher remaining schedule than do the Bucs.

Detroit @ CAROLINA (4) - Carolina gets the last of their easy games.  Next week begins the onslaught.  (As an aside, kudos to the Bucs, Falcons, and Panthers for staying perfect at home this season.)

Oakland @ MIAMI (2) - Miami needs to salt away another easy win.  SPF hopes they will remember the embarrassing loss they suffered to the Raiders last year.

NEW ORLEANS (7) @ Kansas City - Too little, too late for the Saints who saw their playoff hopes evaporate in Atlanta last week.  They would need all kinds of help to get back in the hunt this season.

Philadelphia @ CINCINNATI (13) - Cincy should serve up some road kill for hungry vultures... er, Eagles.

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