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The Southern Rock of SwampdaWamp

Posted: Mar 09, 2008

Say you love Southern rock? Well, you’re gonna love SwampdaWamp. The Charlotte, NC based band that is on their way to very top of the genre.

Singing songs about NASCAR, happy times, Saturday nights, broken hearts and even suicide, the guys in SwampdaWamp write great songs and play them with amazing skill. Like they proclaim in their press release, they are “no spring chickens.” These are not some pimple faced kids who put together a band in dad’s garage so they could score chicks and booze. (Although I am sure they do plenty of both.) Their experience and age brings with it plenty of life material to inspire these excellent songs.

SwampdaWamp play swampy slide guitar and smoking B-3, with scruffy Southern vocals and superior musical arrangements. Produced by Joe Boyland (Lynyrd Skynyrd), the band’s self-titled debut album on the Big Penny imprint is a true gem.

Buffalo says, “check ‘em out.”

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

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rebyll says...

I have had the pleasure of meeting Gig and the boys on a couple of occasions. What a great bunch of down to earth guys!!!! We went to see them in a club in Greenville, NC opening for Nantucket. They took me and the Ms on the tour bus and gave us the nickel tour, then we sat and talked Southern Rock for about an hour till it was show time. Unfortunately Marty no longer plays lead guitar for them. They just parted ways. I learned this the last time we met them. On the bus we met Keith, the new lead guitarist. Unfortunately we couldn't stick around for the show that night, but Keith was sitting there pickin' on his six string as we were talking about the Allmans and he broke out into "Liz Reed". I think he can handle the job. And Scooby, Dave, Michael, and lest we forget the front man Gig, all these guys are excellent muscians and just all around good guys!!!! I can't wait till they come back around here again!!!! "A Little Pill Called The Truth." is the song to beat!!!! rebyll

jimmyjams says...

Wow. Thanks Buffalo. I went to their site and listened and I like it. Are they by any chance sponsored by Swampland?

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