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The GRITZ Top Ten for Friday, January 15, 2010

Posted: Jan 15, 2010

1. Color My Sleep Tommy Talton Band
Tommy Talton is pure magic. One of my very favorite songwriters (and has been since his days with Cowboy in the seventies) he is also one of the tastiest guitar players in all if music.

2. Hazel Eyes Amanda Martin
Amanda is a bright star on the Nashville horizon. She colors outside the lines. This is no “cookie cutter country” diva. She is the real deal.

3. The Hill Tommy Crain & The Crosstown Allstars
I had a dream last night and I was onstage with Crain and the guys and just having a great time. Hey, it’s happened before! They are the bomb and this song harkend back to the glory days sound of Southern Rock goodness.

4. Southern Poet    Silver Travis
I have known these guys since 1981 and they have always had it goin’ on. Rick Cash is one of the finest singers I have ever known and Randall Calvert comes from the Toy Caldwell school of Southern fried jam

5. Highway Call Doc Holliday
What can I say about Bruce Brookshire and Doc? A timeless band with a pure Southern Rock sound that I have always loved. Eddie Stone on the B-3 baby! Yeah!

6. Not Today   Preacher Stone
The Preacher is one of my very favorite new bands. I am completely sold on these guys. Step down to the front and testify!

7. Welcome to the South    Rebel Syndicate
The Syndicate rules. This could be the unofficial anthem of the South. Just a killer track.

8. Mule Named Whiskey   Michael Allman
I love this song. Michael has a bit of his daddy in him, but maintains his own unique quality. I love it,

9. I’m Goin South   Tom Coerver & Goin’ South
My Baton Rouge buddy is one fine guitar slinger and writer, as evidenced on this blues rock number. Sleepy Tom rocks Louisiana!

10. I Don’t Want to Say Goodbye Michael Buffalo Smith & Bonnie Bramlett
All I can say is that while I never listen to my own records, this is my favorite one I ever cut because I was so blessed to share the song with my real “she-ro” Bonnie “Lungs of Steel” Bramlett!

11. Don’t Say it’s Over (Garrett) Garrett
I have enjoyed these guys since the days of Snakes N Angels, and they just get better. Rockin’ like a hurricane.

Yes, I know that’s eleven instead of ten, but I am really proud of our first Stone Ground & Southern Compilation. The great part is, you can still download the whole shootin’ match absolutely FREE. Just click here and go. I hope you like the music as much as I do!

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

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Tigers1 says...

Copperhead Just Returned From Jeff funeral. It was A wounderful Service Ending with ever one singing will the circle be unbroken . Tha last time I saw Jeff was The weekend before Christmas. He Call & said come by the store about one pm Jeff being Jeff it was about 1 30 before he made to the store WE sat in the store & talk for about 3 hours . We never turn on the lights. Called Sunday night to tell me he had booked Kevin Gordon For our aug. show at SXSE.Monday Jan 11 2010 THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED IN MYRTLE BEACH !! I Put ALLMAN BROTHRS FILLMORE EAST IN FOR HIS TRIP HEAVEN REST IN PEACE MY BROTHER

michaelbuffalo says...

Copper. So sorry to hear about Jeff. I used to shop at Sounds Familiar. A great record store. Sad news indeed.

copperhead says...

Great list. Just a note off the subject. A dear friend of mine Jeff Robert that use to have sounds familiar in myrtle beach passed away Tuesday. jeff had the only independant store in MB. He also was responsible for bringing great bands to MB. Our music light burns a little low tonight. Jeff touched so many people in all walks of life. If anyone knew him the Sun news did a great artical on him. Check it out.

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