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The GRITZ Mail Bag: May 1, 2009

Posted: May 01, 2009

I'd like to thank you for doing this. I just got the new newsletter and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. It was great to hear that so many of these guys are still around. Would love to see a few of these guys come here to play! Keep up yhe good work!

Pete Wharton
Kenner, LA

Thanks Pete.  -Buff

I have enjoyed your magazine and website for five years.  I go to the website weekly to see whats up in southern rock. Have you ever thought of a southern rock review book?  The one by Martin Popoff is essential because to me because its the only one I know of.  Obviously, the guy did a lot of research and I still look at the book, but I think he is more into heavy metal and liking the southern metal of Blackfoot, Hatchet and I love that too.  But it would be so cool to have a book from you.  A lot of reviews are probably archived.  Just a suggestion. 

Thanks for reading my rant.  I live and breath southern rock and blues and I always look forward to going to Gritz website.

Thanks again.
Tim Higdon
Hannibal, MO

Thanks Tim. I do have a few books in the works. Hopefully soon. Thanks again. - Buff

Dear Buffalo,
Thank you for all the interviews and articles on my all time favorite group, Cowboy. I am a life long fan of them and love the new stuff Tommy Talton is doing. Keep up the good work.

Sara D.
Warner Robbins, GA

We love ‘em too! Look for even more on Cowboy’s past, present and future.  -Buff


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