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The Charlie Daniels Band are Our Next "Southern Legends"

Posted: Jan 29, 2007

For decades Charlie Daniels has refused to label his music as anything other than "CDB music," music that helped elect an American president and that has been popularized on a variety of radio formats. Charlie has been called the "Godfather of Southern Rock," and truth be told, he really is. His annual Volunteer Jams in the 1970's brought all of his Southern Rock brothers and sisters together for a good ol' fashioned throw down, and his years of tours with then Marshall Tucker Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd and others forged his name forever into the Southern Rock family tree.

Charlie has toured the world countless times, delivering a mixture of country, Southern rock and gospel unlike any other performer alive, all the while stopping to help the less fortunate, like those at his Angelus house in Florida, who benefit from his yearly Charliepalooza music and golf event.

Now, SWAMPLAND.COM has  posted a complete history of The Charlie Daniels Band, the second in our new series of "Legends of Southern Rock."

Read The Feature

Also, within  our archives, you will find not one but two interviews with the man himself, one from the year 2000 and one from 2001, along with an extended feature on Charlie.

Present and past band member interviews now posted in the archives include:  Joel "Taz" DiGregorio, Charlie Hayward, and Tommy Crain.

Associated interviews and features in our archives include: The  Allman Brothers , The Marshall Tucker Band, Marshall Chapman,  Artimus Pyle, Richard Betts, Paul Hornsby, The Winters Brothers Band, Bonnie Bramlett, and Jimmy Hall.

The Charlie Daniels Band is atill kicking hard after all these years, and sounjding as great as ever. Be sure to visit the Official Charlie Daniels Website as well, and remember, "Be proud you're a rebel 'cause the South's gonna do it again!"

Read the new CDB Feature Here!

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern!

Michael Buffalo Smith

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Scarlett says...

FYI the feature page this links to is messed up. Good writing though.

musicman55 says...

Hey Brother Mike;
Charlie has always put on a great show and still to this day leaves the crowd in awe. But i want to mention how great he is to his fan base. He always has time for a picture or autograph and does more tours for the troops than any other band. He is what the dictionary derfines as a southern gentleman

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