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The Avett Brothers Simulcast Red Rocks Concert for NASCAR Race

Posted: Jul 02, 2011

The Avett Brothers Perform For NASCAR

The Avett Brothers' July 9 Red Rocks concert will air on the Charlotte Motor Speedway's HD video board. The idea is NASCAR wants to attract more of a diverse crowd. The Avett Brothers grew up in North Carolina as racing fans, and they look forward to next week's event.

Seth Avett said this about the event: "The speedway has been a hometown landmark for us our whole lives and we're proud to have an opportunity for our music to echo through that historic infield. For us, performing at Red Rocks and airing live in Concord is about the most ideal situation for being in two amazing places at once."

NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston revealed the source of this pairing: "The band is homegrown and authentic, and their roots are so important to them. They like NASCAR, and this could be the seed of a great relationship with the Avett Brothers having the younger audience that we're looking for and is a major priority for us. Being able to entertain their fans while showcasing a great facility in NASCAR will go a long way."

Scott Avett expanding on the fond racing memories for the brothers: "On Sunday afternoon, during racing season, the NASCAR commentator on the local country station was talking us through the same race that was being shown on the television in the other room. So our love for cars and the history of NASCAR is unavoidable Especially when the race was at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. We are so fortunate to travel and play the many places we do and to have an opportunity to share that with our supportive hometown in a setting where great men like Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, and David Pearson (raced) adds to the sense of pride that we feel."

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