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That's What I Like About the South: Whitt's, White Sauce, Dale's Sauce, and Sundrop

Posted: Jul 27, 2009

In this series of blogs, I would like to talk about victuals (pronounced "vittles") that are uniquely southern. The first stanza of the song "That's What I Like about the South" written by Andy Razaf (who grew up in Harlem) but made famous by Bob Wills (1942) and Phil Harris (1947) says it all. "Won't you come with me to Alabamy/ Let's go see my dear old Mammy/ She's fryin' eggs and boiling hammy/ That's what I like about the South."

First I want to talk about some delectable items that originated in North Alabama or Tennessee. The first is Whitt's barbecue. You may not know that although Whitt's opened in Athens, Alabama, over forty years ago that it has become famous all over the world and often travels across the United States in the luggage of southern barbecue aficionados. Just this weekend my sister flew off to see her youngest son and family in California bearing cartons of frozen Whitt's pulled pork barbecue along with another southern staple--two bottles of Dale's Sauce.

Dale's is a soy sauce based steak marinade that some southerners find absolutely addictive. My daughter, for one, refuses to eat a steak that has not been marinated in Dale's Sauce. I often put Dale's sauce on pork loin after I roast it---but not on pork barbecue. That requires its own hot vinegary sauce.

The popular seasoning known as Dale's Sauce had its beginnings in 1946 at a tony restaurant in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, called Dales' Cellar. Then in 1962 Carol Daniel opened Dale's Steakhouse in Florence, Alabama, serving only the finest cuts of meat, among them buttery filet mignon and a steer butt to die for, all grilled to order over an open flame and seasoned with the famous Dale's Sauce. At Dale's Steakhouse in Florence, waiters in tuxes continue to serve loyal customers and delighted newcomers. Some waiters have worked at Dale's for over 30 years and know what a customer will order without even looking at a menu.

Many folks from Alabama will never make a trip beyond the confines of the South without taking along a couple of bottles of Dale's sauce as a house gift. Dale's is available in most southern grocery stores, but if you decide to pack a bottle just be sure to wrap it tightly before storing it in your luggage (not carry-on, of course). The sauce is fabulous on meat but disastrous when poured over clothing.

A popular sauce and some say the "only" sauce in the south for chicken  is "white sauce." This delectable white barbecue sauce is a mayonnaise and vinegar based sauce that is hot, tangy, and slightly sweet and makes one want to eat it with a spoon. I am fond of putting it on French fries or my baked potato. The sauce originated at Big Bob Gibson's, a Decatur, Alabama, establishment that has been in operation for over 80 years. Gibson's now has several locations in North Alabama as well as one in Monroe, North Carolina. You can purchase a white sauce at most grocery stores, but for the genuine article you need to go to Gibson's or Whitt's. Most good barbecue places serve an excellent white sauce. There are several online recipes for white barbecue sauce, but you will need to experiment to find the one that suits your taste..

One last southern treat that could, for many years, be found only in Tennessee and areas north of Birmingham is SunDrop, a citrus cola made and bottled in Pulaski, Tennessee. SunDrop was so popular (possible due to its high levels of caffeine) that in the sixties parents trucked cases of it to their children who were in school at the University of Alabama and Auburn University and refused to be exiled without their SunDrops. My sister's husband drank a SunDrop for breakfast every morning to fortify himself for the drive from Elk River to his job in the Rocket City (Huntsville).

By the way, almost all soft drinks (except perhaps Root Beer which everyone knows did not originate in the south) are called "cokes" in the south, so you must be sure to specify SunDrop or you just might get a "Co-Cola."

Stay tuned for more stories about exotic southern fare. In future blogs you may expect to read stories about possum, mountain oysters, sweet potato pie, southern fried catfish, hush puppies, scalded dogs, and turnip greens to mention only a few. If God made it, Southerners will figure out a way to eat it.

Let me know what strange delights you have encountered or what your favorite southern dish is and why. Just log in and leave a comment or, even better, a recipe.

----Penne J. Laubenthal

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ruth whitten says...

I hauled tons of cases of Sundrop to Marion when I was at Judson College in the early 70's. I had to chill them in the dorm fridge and sometimes they would mysteriously disappear before I drank them. I found out I could always find the guilty party because we had been instructed to put "coke" bottles in our trash cans and the maid (yes--we really did have a maid who swept our rooms every day and cleaned the bathroom!)would collect them for the delivery man. She would not take the Sundrop bottles--so they were left outside the room of the person who had stolen my Sundrops! They do not taste the same to me now--unless I can find them in the glass bottles although my sons love the ones in cans. To me the ultimate refresher is a glass bottled Sundrop that has been in a freezer for about an hour and a half. Heaven forbid if you forget and leave it for several days though--you will have a BIG mess. Loved your article.

bullitt says...

Great article... AHHHH memories..I remember sitting in the swing at Granddaddy's house in North Mississippi. These articles remind me of the sweltering summers and the walk down the dirt road to the store for "coke-cola". They also bring to mind that seeing sweat on Granddaddy's shirt didn't mean he stopped whistling while he worked. Thanks for keeping us Southern.

PenneElk says...

Thanks for all the great comments and suggestions and for the correction. Maybe it was just the students in T-Town who could not get Sundrop. In the mid-sixties whoever was making a trip to the University had to take at least a case, or ten.:-) And, I have many stories about my daddy the veterinarian. He is definately mentioned in my upcoming blog on possums and other fare--as well as my illustrious friend Dr. Brobson Lutz. Is there anything you don't remember, mdarep? LOL

gmitchell49 says...

Actually Sundrop has been around in South Alabama since the fifties or sixties. The Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company in Luverne bottled the drink and still distributes it. Although I now tend to lean toward Mountain Dew, most of the old-timers here are still Sundrop addicts. I still have to have one occasionally.

mdarep says...

Penne, Should you write about Mountain Oysters, you should tell the tale of a "certain" wonderful and much loved ole veterinary doctor in Athens, that help other "certain men" teach one particular man manners about "stealing from their private stash of mountain oysters hidden in the refrigerated storage unit at the ole Athens Cafe." The thief never again stole once the "switch" was pulled on him... If memory serves me correctly, the thief got quite the stomach ache...

mdarep says...

When I think about the South, a warm smile comes across my face. We are truly blessed. We join family & food together along with lively conversation & libation. Here are just some of the foods we enjoy at our family gatherings. Country Ham & red eyed gravy, Spoon bread with real butter, Tomato Aspic, Clabber Biscuits, Lye Hominy & grits. We like Whiskey balls, Charlotte Russe & Prune Whip. We gather around for chicken stews, squirrel stews & fried "slung" chitlins. We serve hot pepper jelly on cream cheese, indulge in bennie seed wafers, cheese straws & cracklin bread. We fry up our green tomatoes and enjoy Mrs. Gov Houston's fruit cake. We always have an abundance of plenty for all. We even have our own Coke parties "Coca Cola" for our young ladies to gather. We Southerners surely enjoy life.

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