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Swampland's Boxmasters Contest Winners Announced

Posted: May 16, 2009

A wise man once said, “all good things must come to an end.” So it is with our huge “Meet The Boxmasters” contest.

We heard from Boxmasters fans coast to coast, and had some really great essays on the bonus question. After due deliberation, we have chosen our Grand Prize Winner, who will be given 2 tickets and 2 meet and greet backstage hook ups to the next Boxmasters gig in her area. She will also receive an autographed copy of The Boxmasters Modbilly record!

Our second and third place winners will receive a copy of Modbilly as well.

Thanks to all who entered, and keep on groovin’ to the Boxmasters and reading Swampland.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

Here are the questions and the correct answers, followed by our winners and their essays.

1. On August 1-2, 2008, GRITZ was in Huntsville, Al with the Boxmasters. We reported that Dick Cooper made his entrance accompanied by what long time friend and songwriting collaborator of Billy Bob's?

“The Leaning Man of Alabam’” Donnie Fritts

 2. At that August 1st show, during The Boxmasters set, Billy Bob complained of a bit of a belly ache, having eaten too much what before the show?

BBQ Pork

3. Name the company that makes Boxmasters Coffee?

Coffee Fool

4. In our review of their FIRST release, The Boxmasters, we said "From the very first time I heard 'blank"  I knew  these youngsters had that something special. Name the song.

“Poor House”

5. In our May 2008 interview with Billy Bob, he quoted the Unknown Hinson. What was the quote?

“It don’t take no talent to play that rawk.”

6. At their August 16, 2007 show in Myrtle Beach, following The Boxmasters' set, Billy Bob returned to do his solo thing. What song kicked off the set?


7. In one interview, mostly about The Boxmasters, Billy Bob said "The Boxmasters are the three of us, but when we play live we have more players. Kind of like___" What band?

Steely Dan

8. August, 2008. On the second day of their two night run in Huntsville, AL, Billy Bob was interviewed by A&E and took questions from the audience. What character did he do by request that got him a standing ovation?

Karl Childers from “Slingblade”

9. In his GRITZ list of favorite Southern Rock albums, what is Billy's number one favorite?

Fillmore East -  The Allman Brothers Band

10. There are three primary Boxmasters. Besides Bud, name the other two. (Easy!)

J D Andrew and Mike Butler

BONUS: Write a short essay of 400 words or less with the title "Why I Dig The Boxmasters."

Winner: Alicia Hass, Pensacola, FL.

Why do I dig the Boxmasters? Well, I would have to say as a fellow drummer and being somewhat involved in music most of my life it is an absolute relief to find such talented individuals who such a unique flair for their sound. The Boxmasters are truly one of kind musicians with an undeniably recognizable sound. How brilliant to merge southern rock and rock-a-billy. They're inspiration and enthusiastic presence on stage makes you want to jump right up there with them and join in on the fun. The Boxmasters have made me aware of another music genre, one I didn't know existed. I was quite surprise that live they were even more astonishing than on their CD. Presenting their heart and soul to the songwriting alone makes me want to continue as a drummer. The lyrics are absolutely brilliant! Each individual song has its own story and leaves you wanting to hear more; wanting to skip to the next song to see if the tale continues. Their sense of style they have presented to the music scene is another rarity! Mod! Wow! These guys are my heroes! Its such a joy to actually love an entire album you purchase, than pick and choose just the hit songs a lot like the young bands of today. Cannot wait to hear the new music and the interesting stories that come along with it. The Boxmasters are pure genius'. May they continue with their success and continue rocking these intimate venues! Rock on guys! I LOVE YOU!!! Alicia Hass

Second Place: Steve Liston, Richland, Wa

Having been born in West Virginia in 1958, my father was a Hank Williams fan, while my older brother was part of the Hippie/ British Invasion era. This led to a somewhat schizophrenic music personality.

In the 80's I would listen to Oingo Boingo while my significant other played George Jones.Also I am a huge Zappa fan with Frank being my favorite musician followed closely by Tom Waits. In the 90s and 00s I am embraced Americana music ala Wilco and Lucinda Williams.

Then along came the Boxmasters, a band I have only recently been exposed to, having moved from Ohio to the desert region known as Eastern Washington. Besides lacking rain, it also lacks culture.What a pleasant surprise when I listened to the Boxmasters. I half expected to hear another actor turned musician, trying to "gravy train" some easy money through rabid movie fans and the curious ones.

Not only does their music embody everything I like about Rawk(sic) and country, Billy Bob does a tremendous job of digging up little played songs from Mott the Hoople and Mike Nesmith. Their Americanized versions of hit Beatles and Who songs also are bulls eyes. Couple that with their keen fashion sense of a bygone era, they are truly a class act.

Having read read several articles on Gritz/Swampland website, the Boxmasters truly appreciate their audiences.

The Boxmasters are one of only a couple of acts I would pay to see, and they are definitely number one on my list. Every time I give up on modern music, it seems something refreshing comes along. Long overdue but extremely welcome.

Hopefully I have not exceeded 400 words, being from Appalachia, counting is not my strong suit. In closing, I would feel negligent if I did not also let you know that Swampland.com is definitely a beacon on the Information Highway.

Rawk on,
Steve Liston

Third Place: Monica McMaken, Phoenix, Arizona

I love music and I am digging the “modbilly” sound of The Boxmasters!  I would love to meet the band and have the chance to ask them about the music, recording the album and  playing with Billy Bob.

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coconut1955 says...

I am so bummed out I didn't win. Guess I'll just have to pay again to see Billy live. Of course, it is always worth it and more!

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