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Swampland's Billy Bob Index Page Updated with New Videos

Posted: Aug 08, 2008

Hi guys. Our Six Degrees of Swampland: Billy Bob Thornton page has been heavily updated with the new music video from The Boxmasters (#17 on the Americana Charts this week) "The Poor House," as well as half a dozen additional new videos. Check it out.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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tennesseewaltz says...

Good stuff Buff. I love Billy!

countryrocker1967 says...

I enjoyed all the pictures and articles. Since I can't go to these things, I read your stuff and feel almost like I was there. Good job Buffalo.

michaelbuffalo says...

Thanks Copperhead. I will get in touch with Dickey asap for an update. He has been touring some with his son Duane on guitar, and Dickey was on tour early in the year with Kid Rock. I fully agree, some new material would be killer.

copperhead says...

I just read the interviews on Billy Bobs pages that you did with Dickey Betts. Damn I miss him. What is he doing now and has he any plans for some new music. I heard that him and Lee Roy Parnell Played togather some a few years back. I would have paid hard cash to hear that. First off I love the Allman Brothers and I enjoy the instant live CDs but man they need some new music. I have the bootleg live Betts CD and it is good but damn lets get some new music. They run the risk of being like the Stones becoming a cover band of their own band. The playing is still great but give us something new. Sorry to ramble Billy Bobs pages were great. I'm slowly being won over to the music. Tell us whats up with Betts . Where is he? Any new stuff in the works?

jimmyjams says...

Outstanding work, Buffalo. Your Billy Bob page has more cool stuff on it than his official page! Kudo.

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